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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I can’t believe that Sofea is going to be four years old next year. Which mean she will go into a real pre-school. My husband and I did sent her and the little to like a nursery cum playschool all these while. But it does not involve wearing a uniform, do not have exam and things like that. Next year on Jan, she will start wearing uniform to enter pre-school and I am not sure if we are ready for it.

We did try to teach her as much as we could without giving pressure. Like we would bring her around to see animals face to face at the park, go and explore nature, and we tried to let her order her own meal and we give out little responsibility one at a time, like cleaning up after her own mess.  After all we want her to associate learning by being fun instead of chores. Glad that she does enjoy learning.

Have to be honest, that I am also worried because time is really changing that I don’t want her to go to school and felt left out when it comes to academic. My husband and I actually didn’t really mind about result. All we want is for our child to grow up to be a good person, live a happy life. In matter of fact you don’t need all As to be a good person, have wonderful relationship and to live a happy life.

Like many parents, we also want to make sure that she have a healthy growth rate, in term of mentally and physical growth. So, that she will be able to learn as much in order to survive in this world. Recently we tried this Arayyan Kids Mind Booster.


In the bottle it contain 30 tablets and it contain all natural ingredients that aim to excel kids’ performance. We didn’t really test the mind booster effect simply because we can’t measure it at this point. However, Sofea does like the taste. It actually tastes like milky sweets. Yaaa.. I normally test proof anything before it goes into my child’s system. To me it is like a good supplement especially if you are worried that your child did not get enough nutrients.

I am very grateful that my child is not a picky eater. Sofea and her sister do eat lots of vegetables and fruits. We tried to give varieties just to ensure they reap the benefits. However, if your child does not prefer to consume veggies and fruits then I would totally suggest for you to supplement them with Arayyan Kids Mind Booster.


Arayyan Kids Mind Booster contained pomegranate which have a very high anti-oxidant properties, high Vitamin C, Vitamin K and also Vitamin B. It also contain goat’s milk which explain the milky taste and it is common knowledge that goat’s milk is very rich with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Lactose, calcium and protein. Apart from that each table also contain dates, raisins, gingko biloba, olive, cranberries, blueberries, apricot, and pennywort. All ingredients used is very good for the body.

This is why I totally suggest for you to get it if your kids are a picky eater. By giving them a tablet a day it will give you a peace of mind since you know they will get all the vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy body and good growth.


The product is actually reasonably priced at RM 79.90 per bottle and could last a month if you give them a table a day. Actually I come across a promo on their website and you can get two bottles for only RM100. Not idea when the promo will end so best to secure yours soon. You can check out the website by clicking here .


If you are looking for learning kit for your kids, you can check out  Arayyan Kids Edu Play Set. Currently retailing at RM 169. They are also having promo for this set at RM129. This set contained items as per below :-

1. Complete 7 Books Series (Bi-Language)
a) Asas Huruf
b) Basic Alphabet
c) Basic Numbers
d) Basic Shapes
e) Basic Animals
f) Basic Transportation
g) Basic Dot, Mazes Activities

2. Complete 2 sets CD
a) 25 Books Series
b) Music Video Arayyan Kids Channel

3. Complete Stationary Sets
a) Animation Pencil Case Sets
b) Animation Color Pencil Sets
c) Animation Crayon Sets

4. Animation Mini Puzzle Sets (Kids Mind Game)






Sofea do enjoy the book series, the stationaries set and the puzzle. We didnt really try the CD because we dont have CD player at home and my kids have very limited access to screen time. We do understand that they will also need to learn how to use technology since it is the world they are living in. However, my husband and I think they can learn it later when they are ready and when they will be able to control it. We try not to encourage it since they are too young and might have the possibilities to be addictive.

Anyway, we are not saying our parenting is the best method. Not like we have won a award for best parent hahaha.. Far from that. We are just trying our best to raise our child in the way that we think best for them. Everyone have they own style and we totally respect that.

Okay, so that’s about it. I hope you find this blogpost beneficial if you in the market to look for kids supplement. Till next blogpost. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!

More details at :

Facebook: @KidsArayyan


  1. Nice info illy. Maybe boleh try supplement tu untuk maryam since dia susah sangat nak makan. :(
    And play set tu nampak interesting sangat.

    1. thank you Sheayang singgat blog illy :) boleh cuba sebab dia banyak vitamin so kalau memilih makan atleast kita tau dia dapat cukup vitamin :)

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