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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Being adult is not easy, you need to juggle your mental and physical health, relationship with God, relationship with family members, your career, not to mention bills and so on. The list can be long, (in fact I have 12 different chapter on things I need to juggle). It is also very important to take a good care of yourself. Like I mentioned many times before it started with us. By taking a good care of ourself we get to function better and juggle better.

Going for staycation is one of the best way we found to give ourself a break. You dont have to go far to relax. Actually I found myself even more tired whenever I travel abroad since I tend to spend most of my time exploring. Dont get me wrong, I love exploring and learning about new cultures and engage with locals. But when I need a rest, I think staycation fit the best.

If you are looking for option for a staycation, just to chill without the need to travel far. Then why not consider Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel. Last weekend my husband and I went for a quick 2 days 1 night stay. Hotel is super new, they officialy open to public less than a month ago.


The check in went smooth, all you need to do is provide identification (I/c) and then pay up the deposit. For Deluxe Room the deposit is RM200. We did try to ask if there is any room for upgrade and what is the rate. We were informed to go to our room first and then they will get back to us. After 2 hours, we didnt receive any call so we assume maybe the room is fully booked or maybe the room is not ready yet. We were told that only room up to 10th floor were available currently. We requested for high floor for obvious reason (we are such a sucker for a good view LOL) and happy to be given a room on the 10th floor. If we come again next time, would love to try out the Club Room at the Club Floor level 31st. The highest floor of Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel is 33rd floor.  If only they have a Club Lounge at 33rd Floor that would be amazing. Their Club Lounge is located at 3rd Floor known as Chime Lounge which is basically more like a Cigar Club. It is not operating yet during our visit. Even the japanese and chinese restaurant is not operating. It’s okay, it is still very new. More reason to come back again.


This is the seating area at the Reception Area. It is located at 3rd floor. My husband told me that it is very easy to find parking as the place is completely new. He saw like a sign to go cinema and malls? I am guessing that they are planning to have a mall attached to the hotel. At this point it is still very empty.


This is the lounge, right behind the reception area. Love the cozy kick to it.


Taaa daaa.. This is the Twin Deluxe Room. two units of super single bed with 4 fluffy pillow on each bed. For a Deluxe Room it is actually not bad. For RM400 plus a night, the setting is worth it. I personally love the floor to wall glass. Not only it provide a good lighting, it also makes enjoying the scenic view so much easier!!  You can just open up the curtain, lay on your bed and enjoy the view till you fall asleep.


This is the side table. I wish the wire are organized better. Anyway, that’s the desk phone, an alarm clock, a remote and note pad with a pen.


The beauty about staying in Muslim country, we have kiblat signage at the corner of the ceiling.


The mini bar section, they have aqua panna!!


This is the bath room, come with a sperate section for shower. The bathtub is smaller than other hotels that I stayed before. Maybe because this is a deluxe room. Not too bad actually as some hotel do not provide a bathtub for deluxe room. You might e suprise that for some hotel even the club room does not come with a bath tub unless you specifically request for one. What I like the most is the light all around the mirror. Make make up application so much precise. As expected, there is a hair dryer in the cabinet, and the rest of amenities like toothbrush, soap, shower gel and shampoo.


There is a power point beside the mirror.


Took a picture of the on demand amenities, glad to see that highchair and crib included without any extra charges. Highly considering to bring my two kids next round.


The menu for room service is quite extensive and justifiably. We didnt order late night munch but instead go for lunch. Talk about it in a bit.


The view from our room facing the PJ side. As far as the eye can see. Those who appreciate good view will surely love this hotel.


View from 33rd floor, took this view right after we walk out from the lift. Again, thanks to the wall to wall glass. This is facing towards KL. My capturing skill can surely be improved. Nothing beats being there and enjoying it with your own eyes.You can actually see KLCC and the Menara KL. I bet room facing this side would be sucha great spot for new year eve or during merdeka. Mostlikely you will get to enjoy numerous amount of firework show. Maybe I should consider that, I mean new year is not that far away.


Sala bar outdoor area. Plus the swimming pool. More like a chillax area.


The oval pool is actually a jacuzzi. Imagine enjoying jacuzzi with such a splendid view. On the other end is the infinity pool. It is also an awesome spot to catch the sunset.


Also at the 33rd floor is the gym. The gym operate for 24hours 7 days a week. OMG!! YES!! It is one of the activity we look forward to. I truly enjoy the threadmill and with that view. Such a workout space goal. My husband completed 5km while I go for 3.78km. There is a complimentary headset provided, towels and also water station. You can check out the vlog I did towards at the end of the post for a round tour of the gym.


We went to check out the kids club, it is located just beside the gym. Which is nice. Meaning we can let our kids enjoy their own time while we go to the gym.


After spending around 30 minutes at the gym and another 15mins checking out the facilities at the 33rd floor, we went back to our room. I quickly prepare a bubly bath to have a me time. It turn out that the hot water dispenser is not working. We called up the front desk and they sent in the maintenance team. Two guys came in and they managed to fix the problem efficiently. I get to play pretend as a mermaid yeay!


After a good bath, my husband ordered a lunch for both of us. Mine is a seafood curry with rice and crackers. He ordered seafood fried rice and grilled tomato soup.


That is his seafood fried rice. He was complaining that he cant located the seafood LOL. We saw like a crabmeat and then he eventually get to taste couple chunk of squid but that’s about it.


My husband was like “REALLY??” that is his impression the moment he saw the soup. I mean we get it, it come with a slice of bread, but wouldnt it be nice if the bread is put on the side corner instead of being soaked this way? hahahaha However, the grilled tomato soup is good. Flavourful and very comforting.


I have no complain over my seafood curry. It is very nice. Love the spiciness and the prawn in juicy and huge, the squid is tender. It is actually a satisfying seafood curry. Towards rest of the evening, we just chill and enjoy each other company.


For dinner, we decided to try out the Dinner buffet. They are having a promo currently for RM88 per pax. We didnt put much hope after the lunch experience. However, very happy to be proved wrong because the Buffet dinner is wayy above our expectation. You need to make a rsvp for it. As we come down to enjoy the dinner, there is like a huge crowd and there is no more empty table in the restaurant that we have to be seated at the lounge. Not a big deal, it is not like it is far or anything. We actually like the ambiance in the lounge more. With a comfy cushion, nice music, and a high ceiling with a sparkling diamond chandelier.

I didnt really bother to take picture of the buffet because I was too occupied enjoying the food hahaha.. The large varieties from puyuh goreng, to fresh oyster, sashimi, crab, noodle, pasta, pizza you name it. They even have roasted duck, deep fried crab, lamb satay… argh……. kudos to the Chef. We really enjoyed the dinner and actually looking forward to bring our family members to try it out too. Maybe for birthday occasion or gathering.


OMG! I still dream about the chocolate cake pudding. I forgot the name of it but I remember the taste vividly. The pastry chef did such a splendid job. I wish they offer like an afternoon tea set in the future. I will surely be one of the first to come. The cheesecake is a gift straight from heaven, while the matcha cupcake taste like it is specially made for an empress. Writing about the dessert section is such a torture, I want to come back!!


Our tummy is sooo well treated that night. After that my husband and I enjoy a mud facial followed by a hydrating sheet mask, you know just to elevate the pampering feel. Hahhaa.. He used to be soo reluctant to wear any kind of “sissy stuff” but after experiencing it many times he actually likes it. The perks of being married to a part time beauty blogger huh?


It is so happen that there is a football match on that night. While my husband enjoy the match, I enjoy this admirable view. It is sooo beautiful that it lead me to feel calm. In these moments, I will tend to think about my life and identify one or many positive thing that happened, no matter how small. Being on a high floor over looking the view lie this give me a sense of perspective and space. That’s the part I find most rewarding.  After that, we went to sleep. 


Woke up, feeling refreshed. Well rested, well indulged and ready to cross more things off my list.


To concluded, we had a good stay. Glad to be one of the first to try out this new hotel. Being a member of SPG is really rewarding. I would highly recommend for you to sign up for a member expecially if you enjoy the finer things in life. You get to collect points and enjoy more benefit. We have always been very loyal to SPG and never once regretted one decision. That’s is for now, I hope you enjoy this write up. Dont forget to check out the video that I have prepared for you below. Also, do give a like and follow on our social media account so you wont miss any new adventure. Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!

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  1. indeed very nice. Looks so grand. Abit like Grand Millenium Hotel.
    I think I will leave heavy hearted la...
    Anyway..what is the nearest shopping mall, Illy?
    (Hb pandai jaga muka huh ^_^ )

    1. thanks for dropping by and for leaving comment Melissa <3 lama tak jumpa you!!

      yes, agreed look grand. I havent stay in Grand Millenium Hotel before so cant compare, would love to next time :) n yes memang heavy hearted hahaha

      nearest shopping complex hurm.. tricky sebab dia tengah2 but ada near lrt station so kalau nak pergi klcc senang :)

      ya, recently he terikut juga pakai face mask,dulu tak nak haha

      Thanks once again for commenting ya <3


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