|HONEST REVIEW| Cor Blimey British Fish and Chips (Damansara Uptown)


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It is not a secret that my little family and I like to try out new cafe and restaurant. Last month we decided to try out this new place that claimed to serve the best British-style Fish & Chips that no one can forget. It is located at Uptown Damansara same row with WonderMilk and Softserve. Not that far from we stay so we went straight after work.

Parking in Uptown is such a B***. However, we are quite lucky to get a spot within the first round. From outside the restaurant look very welcoming and I really like the interior. It gave a British vibe which make sense since they are serving the staple British meal. Cor Blimey British Fish and Chips, is also child friendly as they provide baby chair, not to dark, not to noisy and kid cutleries. Their song selection and the interior transport you to UK. I have been to a place that serve thai food but they turn on a korean k-pop song. Understand that I come for food not music but really?? I like the fact that they have attention to details when it come to songs selections.  Even my daughter enjoyed The Beatles songs played, I mean who wont…


While my husband browse to the menu, my kids and I enjoy a good music haha.. Basically there is like 4 steps on how to order. You pick the fish you like to have (Haddock, Atlantic Cod, Snapper or Dory) They even wrote like some fish facts on how the texture of the fish and the taste like if it is moist or mild flavour or if it supple just to give you some ideas before making your decision. Ofcoz the fancier fish means you need to add a little bit more for the cost. Still I find it reasonable because if you want to upgrade to the most premium fish which is Haddock you just have to add RM19.

Owh ya, after you picked the fish you can choose the batter. You can opt for original, lemon herbs,onion garlic or chili lemon. Then choose your side. You can have Minted Mushy Peas or Chunky Coleslaw or Baked Beans. The last step you can pick the dipping. They call it Traditional Chip Dunking Sauces. For this you have the options of Onion Gravy, Creamy Herb Sauce, Spicy Thousand Island or Chip shop Curry Sauce. Other than that you can also add Savoury Bites like Onion Rings or Garlic Butter Rice. So many to type lah.. you can go there and check out yourself. But I hope I gave some rough ideas on what you can order.


While waiting for our meal to arrived, I glimpse through the card on the table. Saw this 50 Best London Cockney Rhyming Slangs. As expected my husband start talking in british slang and goofing around practising the slangs. We were like “May I borrow your Dog and Bone please?” LOL….. (look at number 22) It turn out to be fun and educational session hahaha.. Get to learn couple of slangs and could start ploting our British avdventure.


Man owh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn! I only realized they offer Deep Fried Mars after we have ordered our meal. If it is not because I am with two kids I would totally order this. Gave my husband the pussy-in-the-boot eye gesture. Tak kena layan. He said the kids will be hyper later, okay fine. But I will surely come back for that Deep Fried Mars.


Taaa daaa… Our meal arrived. We ordered the sharing Platter for two. If I am not mistaken it cost around RM59.90 but if you want to upgrade the fish then add a couple buck more. We decided to take this because it have almost everything so we can to try out as much.

We took Dory with Lemon Herd Batter and Snapper with Original Butter. Because we got kids so want it to be gentle to their palette.


My second daughter love the minty mushy peas. Maybe the texture is familiar resemble her baby puree haha.. I like the minty mushy peas too, the mint is just nice makes the peas not so blunt.  The fish are good, the batter crust is crips not super soaked in oil or soggy.  Overall, I like the taste, the portion and the presentation.  I do like the meal served by Cor Blimey. Most likely will come back again.

Thank you do much for reading this up. Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. nmpk menarik juga platter for two tu

  2. jom la join n meriahkan GA kt sini


    1. Ala dah habis dateline 😁 thanks for inviting. Next round insya Allah illy join.


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