Chicken & Eryngii Mushroom Recipe

Today I would like to share a simple recipe, of Chiken and Eryngii Mushroom. Well, actually I took leave today and next monday since I am going to Penang and since suddenly my mood to cook out of sudden come out. Decided to cook this :P 

Yesterday was a Jusco member day and if you follow my instagram you know that I got the Eryngii Mushroom at a very good deal.. haha normally per packet is around RM8.90 but yesterday I got for RM 13.99 3 packets mannnn.. Ok I sounded like a cheapskate auntie now.. haha I mean who dont like good deal? Come on... Eryngii mushroom mann.. thats like a the ferari of mushroom :P (to me la)

Okay, let me start with the ingredients : 


What you basically need to do is just chop everything (except the oyster sauce) in cube.  Then put the garlic in your pan with a lil bit of oil. Next put in your chicken and oyster sauce. Once the chicken is slightly cooked put in al lthe other ingredients. Wait for a while, and ta... da.... you got yourselt a simple yet yummylicious meal... Pat*Pat* on your back!

This is the outcome of my Chicken and Eryngii Mushroom

This is the Eryngii Mushroom that I got :P 

Allow me to share some of the great benefit of this mushroom or also know as the King of Oyster Mushroom 




Improve insulin in-activity

Have you try it out?  Hope you enjoy reading this :) 


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