PortaWifi by Celcom

As promised earlier, I went and redeemed the PortaWifi Device by Celcom!!  The 500 peeps who got the flyers got the devices for free and do not sweat everyone are entitled for this Free PortaWifi too...

I went to the TTDI Blue cube all of the staff are very friendly *wink*wink* 

I cant wait to balik kampung and still stay connected with everyone great thanks to this PortaWifi device. It is very convenience since it can be used indoor, outdoors and even when one the journey back to kampung as it also have the device to be plug in the car :P 

This device can be shared among 5 devices with speeds up to 21Mbps and up till 10GB data allocations.. Woot! woot! 

As shared earlier in my previous post, Celcom is currently having a promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWiFi when you sign up with their Celcom First  Data plan and enjoy a total of up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills. Hurry Up since before the promotion end :P Just in case if you are wondering of the Charges and plans that they have, check out the table below :

Click on image if you would like to look closer for the plans :) 

Interested? You may get more details by checking out more via Celcom Website 


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