Villa Manja Spa - Experience with Worthy Books 2013

Dear lovelies, Today I would like to share with everyone my experience at Villa Manja Spa. Thanks to Tammy for organizing!! We have 6 ladies who went together (Tammy, Wing, Ayna, Suanne,Serene and me) to utilize our worthy book coupons. As I went in the first things I can’t help to sense is the relaxing lemongrass smell.. It reminds me of the feeling of serene and calm. Don’t you just love lemongrass smells in a spa? Since it is a buy 1 and free 1 coupons RM 158 for 1 hour of massage, you may also add up any other services on top of that. Tammy add up whole body scrubs after her massage.

As for my massage experience, I like it. The massage style is more to Traditional Balinese Indonesian style. If you are familiar with Thai style and Chinese traditional massage,  the Balinese style massage is somewhere in between. Just in case you are wondering.. What are Balinese massages like? Are they more like deep tissue massages (crazily painful)/Swedish massages or are they more spa-like in nature? Balinese massage has none of the hard stretching and gymnastics that characterize Thai. Balinese massage is more flowing and relaxation. The therapist usually inquires about the amount of pressure wanted and will adjust to your preferences. Traditional Balinese massages can be as gentle or firm as you wish. They certainly aren't painful. It's a more relaxed, slower experience.

All the previous spa I went before, I normally greeted with herbal tea or ginger tea and one more before we head back home. Didn’t I tell you that my first time going to spa and they provide food?? Something special that I encountered here at Villa Manja. How sweet!   Were we pampered with tea time munchies after our relaxing massage. The owner kind enough to cook mee hoon and curry puff for us.

So we went home with a relaxed body and a happy tummy!  I would definitely recommend if you would like to try Balinese massage. Psssst.. Villa Manja is also awarded with the “Best City Spa” in 2007 by Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine.  It would be awesome if you have the Worthy Book and go with your buddies. Come and check out the video’s that I did, if you curious and want to check out more pictures. I am an amateur at this so please bear with me :P

*I am not paid or requested to do this review, I paid for the services with my own hard earned money. I just decided to share my experience at the Villa Manja  Spa and hope that it would help others to have more insight just case if they are going to redeem their worthy book coupons here.I received a complimentary book from Most of the pictures are owned by Tammy since her picture more “cantik” than the one I took :P


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