Vanish – Trust Pink, Forget Stains (FREE samples & Contest)

Hi Everyone, whats your favourite detergent for tough stains? For me it is Vanish. Allow me to start by sharing with you that my brother stay with me and my husband. Well, to give more inside, my brother is the kind of guy who is super concern on his look and what he is wearing. Taking into consideration that in his career profession, I believe it is pretty much normal.

Earlier this week, my brother came back from shooting and he bring back mountains of dirty clothes (OH MY GOD!!!). Since he is currently filming an extreme water sport show. With all that running around, water rafting plus all the etc going into the forest and stuff, imagine what kind of stain he bring back with him.

I am so lucky that we have our favourite laundry place which understand our situation (saved my ear from being nagged at by the laundry people) and thanks to Vanish for making our clothes super clean! (and yes, I tumpang my baju one shot basuh as well haha)

Why do I prefer to use Vanish along with the detergent? Well, sometime we do have our favorite clothes or jeans right? Wouldn’t it be nice if we can have it clean & crispy in our closet for years to enjoy? Weehoo!

Anyway do you know that Vanish is currently giving out free samples? What do you waiting for go to this link and apply for your samples today!!

Not just that, Vanish is also currently having a competition and check out what you might WIN.. yeay!

Isn't that awesome? All you need to do is go to the link and share your cleaning trick and voila.. you are in the running to bring back awesome prizes back home and maybe give me that LCD TV if you are generous haha 

Dont forget to redeem your free samples and join the contest as well ya! 


  1. Illy, ur bro buli u ke cuci baju dia? nak kene ni, hahaha =D

  2. a ah.. die nakal, tolong babap die sikit please :P

  3. nak menang tvvv!! hehe...

    Jemput baca latest post saya - Monthly Favorites | June 2013

    1. bole.. good luck Sab, i pun nak menang tv hahhha...

      n yes i memang selalu gi visit you punya blog :P saya peminat tegar

  4. Varnish is a great detergent especially works on white clothes


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