Penang Trip 2013 (Where to stay & eat)

Would like to share my experience visiting Penang last weekend, we start our journey at around 6.45am and we suppose to meet my Husband's family member at Sungai Buluh Restaurant at 7am. Too bad we missed the exit and wend straight ahead. The main reason of this trip is because my husband cousin is getting engaged to a Penang lady.

My first meal at Penang. 

Once the engagement ceremony, we went to the TM Resort. Hubby and my bro decided to lepak at the Tangjung Bungah beach, which was exactly behind the resort that we stayed. So nice!!!

During the night we went to the Famous Batu Ferringhi  Night Market. To me it is like Petaling Street but what makes it different is they have lots of fun stuff like cheap massage (RM20 for 30 minutes of massage) and they sell ice cream on the side walk. The ice Cream cost RM 2 per scoop and the minimum scoop is 2. If you opt for the waffle instead of the plastic container then you need to add up another RM1.

We are kinda lucky because during our trip the next day is the Penang Heritage Day, so Starbuck in Penang host a buy 1 free 1 promo. Actually we decided to go with the drive thru service and I am very happy that I got hte butterfly card :)  

Next we went to visit the Pasar Kulit or the Pasar Karat at Lorong Kulit. It is actually located just beside the Penang Stadium. We love how interesting the item here. It is not your average pasar. You can find alot of antique and unique items here. Visiting this place automatically reminded me of my dad. He love this kind of stuff :) 

This milk bottle is made out of class, and I believe those baby who used to owned this bottle might have been an old men by now. 

Interesting right? It is like visiting an Open air museum. 

They even sell fishes and cute pet here! 

Thats my hubby, trying out an army's helmet. We believe this helmet hold so much memory. The feeling and emotion of the soldier.. wow! Well, my father in law bought this helmet for only RM70 at the market. 

I uploaded this picture yesterday in my facebook and I got friends asking what is this. Hahaaha
To be honest, I didnt exactly know what is that.. To me it is kinda spooky to even go near.. Well my bro went nearer and eh said it might be the middle east biawak. I am not really sure whats the benefit of this. Imagine if I bought 10 and pass ti to my friends as souvenirs hahahah 

Remember this phone? 

Old iron, interesting right? 

I bumped into this special tv. It is written there 5D and the screen was blank.. So I am like what the heck? The guy told us to wear the spec to see. So we tried and voila.. you need to wear the spec to see what is playing on the tv while others can only see blank screen. 

Next we went to Bukit Bendera to try out the up hill train. 

To me, visiting the Bukit Bendera is such an amazing feeling. This train/ railway operated since 1923. How neat is that? Imagine with little technology back then, wow! really amazed me. I tried to imagine the amount of effort the older generation have put on to build this railway and built up houses on top of this hills. Really amazing. Most of the picture were taken when I am around 720 - 730 meters above the sea level. The atmosphere changed abit. I can feel the chilly weather and the cold breeze. 

This is how it looks like on top of Bukit Bendera. They have food court named Cliff Cafe.
They also have an Owl Museum but we didnt get the chance to go in since we are wanted to enjoy the place by itself. 

Surprisingly, the price of the food on top of the Bukit Bendera is way cheaper that what we got charged downstairs. Face palm!  Plus the food is actually better. hahaha

ABC that cost me only RM 4.50 look so much better than the display picture. Thumbs up for that! 

Also at Bukit Bendera, we come across this Kacang Stall and this is not your average kacang stall, they got special rojak styled kacang. It cost us only RM4. Yummylicious! 

This post box, aged more than 100 years. Can you imagine what kind of letter they used to send last time?? I was thinking of all the love letters people used to send via this box. Sweet right?

We rented a buggy service to enjoy the Bukit Bendera. It cost only RM30 per chartered buggy and it fit up to 6 person. Since only my husband, my bro and me.. so by average it cost us around rm10 per person. I found it very worth it. The guy who gave us the tour share alot of info with us. He showed us Francis Light old mansion. and yes.. Francis Light, the guy who discovered Pulau Penang. Our tour guide told us, those people is the ancient time use to go up via horses. My god.. He also told us that the reason that these mat salleh build up houses on top of the hill because they miss the chill weather from where they come from and the only place they can get almost the similar environment is by building their houses on top of the hill.. To me this makes sense :P 

Nowdays, most of the houses belong to rich people and tycoon, they bought the houses and some part of the land and convert it to their vacation private house. 

This binocular cost around RM1 for approximately 3 minutes of usage. 

Picture of my hubby at the Bukit Bendera Entrance. 

My bro having a hard time saying bye bye to this beautiful island. 

Before we go back to KL this is our last meal. Mushroom Chicken Rice.

Actually we also went to Love Lane and the Padang Kota Lama o enjoy pasembur. It is like a small food court by the beach. Honest, dont ever makan there unless you want to be choked by the price. Crazily expensive and not worth at all. I didnt bother to snap picture since it is quite dirty and too overpriced. 

Other than that, it was a nice and informative experience visiting Pulau Penang. We are amazed by the history, the vibe and will definitely come back again.


  1. dah 2 kali ke Penang tapi belum pernah sampai di Penang Hill. Maybe one day

    1. pergi la Alin,, seronok merasa naik train tu :)

  2. Wow so many interesting things in Penang! Especially the 5D TV, never seen something like that! :O

    Enter my first international giveaway here:

    1. tu la.. menarik kan.. first time i nampak mcam tuh :P

      thanks for the kind invite to join your giveaway babe :)

  3. wow... no go Penang for more than 15 years.

    love the pics, but your forgot put your blog name on it..

  4. You had such a nice trip at Penang Hill. I have been there for 3 times and still love it!

  5. thanks for your lovely sharing your trip experience

  6. Thanks a lot to share "Penang" with me.

  7. Now only I know there's so much of great places I never been before.

  8. Biawak?... I'm freaked out ! looks like crocodile!

  9. Oh ya~ Mr Right looks happily while trying the army helmet. kekekekeke


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