Jun 2013 Favorites

Dear lovelies, thank you so much for dropping at my blog. Today I would like to share with all of you my Jun favourites.  Lets start!

Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash RM 25.90 for 1 litre  
Last few weeks I was invited to join the launch of this range by Dove and you can check out the blogpost here. I personally love this body wash because it is so nourishing and I love the smell.
It makes me feel like a Cleopatra hehehe since it is actually better than mlik. Super nice and if you are in hurry, you don’t really have to slather lotion after the application of this body wash because it is that moisturizing. I also love the fact that the price is affordable so everyone be able to enjoy the goodness without burning a hole in their pocket.

icci Blush Pearls – I don’t know the retail price
I got this product via my beauty swap with Alia (along with all the other beauty stuff) you can check out her blog here. Well If I am not mistaken we did a beauty swap last few months. Both of us set a budget of RM100 and we go hunting for beauty stuff and we exchange. Alia is based in Penang, so it is kinda fun knowing that my beauty stuff travelled all the way from the Island of Pearl  to my doorstep. The thing that made me love this blusher is that it is in the shape of pearls, I found it super cute! I love that the pearls came in few colours and I got to mix and match the colours on every applications. It is like having few different shade every time I put it on my cheeks.

Love Drops Mascara by Ishizawa RM 78.90 per unit
This is like my ultimate favourite of the month. I made a review earlier for this product and you may read it here.The fact that is super convenient to use so easy to remove (only using luke warm water) and it does not give me the panda eye effect, really makes this product my top favourite. Like I don’t want to run out of it ever! 

ChocoMania Body Wash & Lotion by The Body Shop (Body Lotion RM 11.90 for 60ml and Body Wash RM 16.90 for 60ml)
One of the reason this product make it to the list is obviously because of the CHOCOLATE. My god! You know some time when brands try to replicate certain smell like strawberry and when it is not the kind of “natural” smell, sometime it might put me off. However, different case with this gems! When they said chocolate, it really smell like real chocolate! When I purchase, I dint really hoping for it to lather I guess they prove me wrong as the body Wash does lather quite well. Just to be frank they do not lather like “oh my god my whole house are filled by bubbles” but they do lather quite generously if you using the bath puff. So since June when I need that kind of pampering moment, this body wash and body lotion as the chocolate aroma does help me to relax n de-stress.

Thank you so much for spending time and reading my Jun Fav Products. What is your favourites in June? Have you tried any of the products above? What’s your experience like? 


  1. Nice post dear, love your new layout <3

    1. Thank you so much babe! really appreciate it <3

  2. Replies
    1. try jangan tak try hehehe :P best nourishing sgt pastu harga pun berpatutan :)

  3. i have that chocomania body wash too and i agree with u Illy, it's super awesome! the chocolatey smell makes me feel like really2 bathing with chocolate, hehe ^_^ and heyy, your new blog layout is super cool! luas mata memandang, I love reading blogs with this color selection :D

    1. yeay! ade gang :) best kan bau die <3

      thanks for the support babe.. I bukan reti sangat.. try and error belajar sikit2 dari sifu2 lain :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. icci Blush Pearls, me love it, interesting stuff! =D

  5. icci Blush Pearls, interesting stuff!! me love it! =D

  6. icci blush perals , look interesting

  7. personally I love Dove shampoo & Chocamania lotion from The Body Shop

  8. Dove shampoo make my skin well moisturised after taking bath.

  9. choco lotion is because i like my body with choco scented hehehhe.


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