Worthy Book (Ladies Edition) Review

Today, I would to share with you regarding a deals and coupon book by Worthy book.  If you check out Worthy book facebook you would have guess that this book successfully provide a compilations of great deal and vouchers by the participating brands. What make this edition special? It is the Ladies Edition.. Peeewitt! Meaning in this edition most deals are focusing on beauty related product and services J  

Well, I totally understand that it is quite hard to carry a book every now n then right? But As I check this coupons and deals are expiring in Mar 31, 2014 so you have ample time to plan and even book your session. So by planning you visit, you don’t really have to carry it around 24 hours (unless it you prefer it :P haha) just tear up the vouchers/coupon that you wanted and planned to use and bring it with you for the redemption session.

Anyway, I would like to share some of the exciting offer that I am considering to redeem hehe and before that let me give you some sneak peak of what's inside the book. 

This how the table of contect look like, and it is segregate by category so it is easier for you to pick and go trough with type of deals you wanted to use. 

The table of content also organised by Area, to make it easier for you to check out which deal is nearer to your preferred location.

Worthy Book also having a promotion of their own.. Nice! 

There is also free treatment without any advance purchase in the book. 

Birthday promotion coupons :) 

Wee! My favourtie face mask, the TT Mask is here too! 

I saw the event organised for Decleor but I didn't get the chance to join earlier.. So thank you worthy book this is one of the must redeem sections for me :P

There are also supplement vouchers

I saw fashion sections too, and the discounts and cash voucher is quite good too.. I remember that I love going to Sinma when I was in highschool haha.. I am plannign to redeem this too.. Thinking to grab and stock up rubber band and bobbi pin :) 

Actually there are SO MANY other vouchers inside this book  but the above are my most favorite.

Plus, there here are the list of vouchers that are 100% FREE (no purchase required)  which are included in this worthy book

·         FREE 1x New York Skin facial skin treatment + 1x skincare product kit
·         FREE 1x Three Sixty Fashion membership card (worth RM250) + Mystery Gifts
·         FREE 1x SOTHYS 30mins Skinscope + Mystery Gifts
·         FREE 1x Glow & Glamour Aroma Beauty SPA
·         FREE 1x De'cleor 30mins My Aromatic Ritual (1-to-1 skincare hands-on workshop)
·         FREE 1x Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
·         FREE 1x Jojoba Spa Hand Paraffin Treatment & Aroma Heart Shape Candle
·         FREE 1x Kenko trial for Fish Spa Treatment
·         FREE 1x TREATS Yearly Member Discount Card

Worthy book is totally worth it :P

Well, thats about it and I would like to thank OnlyBeauty.com.my for giving me a copy. Dont sweat ya ladies, you can get one too and it is super affordable plus really worth it. It is currently retailing at RM 29.90 and the expiry date is by Mar 31,2014

For more info, please check out :


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