Mary Chia - Worthy Book Coupon Redemption

Are you familiar with Worthy Book concept? If you don’t or if you need a refresher, you may check out my previous post about it here. 

So for the ladies edition, other than all of the great deals worthy book also include lots of items and treatments of vouchers that are 100% FREE (no purchase required)  which are included in this worthy book

FREE 1x New York Skin facial skin treatment + 1x skincare product kit
FREE 1x Three Sixty Fashion membership card (worth RM250) + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x SOTHYS 30mins Skinscope + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x Glow & Glamour Aroma Beauty SPA
FREE 1x De'cleor 30mins My Aromatic Ritual (1-to-1 skincare hands-on workshop)
FREE 1x Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
FREE 1x Jojoba Spa Hand Paraffin Treatment & Aroma Heart Shape Candle
FREE 1x Kenko trial for Fish Spa Treatment
FREE 1x TREATS Yearly Member Discount Card
FREE 1x Mary Chia Intensive Tummy Trimming

I am quite grateful that my current office is link to One Utama shopping complex, since it is the puasa month I decided to spend my time and redeeming the Mary Chia Treatment voucher. I made an appointment 1 week before the actual date.

Honestly I am very familiar with the place because I walk in-front of the spa every day when I wanted to go out for lunch. However, I never went in before. Check out the entrance in the picture above. 

This is the treatment room. Nice right?  I redeemed the Intensive Tummy Trimming. When I got in they offered me a ginger tea (obviously aku puasa so tak bole rasa, but I appreciate the gesture) then I was lead to like a consultation room. 

In the room I was explained on the treatment procedure. I was told that they going to spread a crystal jelly (very cold feeling when it touch my tummy skin) and then a machine will be used to help the tummy Trimming process.

Do you know what is the purpose of the Crystal Jelly or also now as  ultrasound gel in IPL treatments is to ensure the following:

1. To cool your skin for a more comfortable treatment.
2. To safeguard your skin from burns.
3. To ensure conductivity between the crystal and the skin.
4. To guide the light to the treated area and avoid unnecessary reflection.

Once we are done with the consultation part, I was given with a form to fill in my details. Right after that they lead me to the changing area. At the changing area they have like a “canggih” locker system. Normally I go to spa or treatment center they do not really provide a locker system. The best part about this locker, you put your thumb nail or the scanner and your designated locker will automatically open up. Once open up, you may find your

1. Mary Chia Kimono
2. Flip flop
3. Head Cover (single usage very hygienic)
4. Panty (free size and single usage as well)

And yes I was also bring to next room where my height and weight were measure as well as my BMI.

Next, the treatment start. At first I was quite nervous as I never done a slimming treatment before. I normally go to spa for relaxing like massage and scrubs. So it is like a new thing for me. Actually one of the reason I avoid going to slimming center kind of spa is that I heard so many not so good story about it is painful la,, they will try to pujuk you and sign up the whole expensive package la. Surprisingly, I don’t get that kind of treatment at Mary Chia. They were attentive, they understand that I wanted to try and redeemed the free treatment and they treat me just like all the other normal paying customer. So, it makes me very happy.

During the treatment, I don’t feel any pain in my tummy area. The beauty consultant perform the treatment exactly like what she have explained to me earlier in the consultation room. Since I am very happy with the service that they provided, I sign up to use another coupons in the Worthy Book this time around it is 85% off for Slimming : Intensive Weight Vaporiser which worth of RM400 and I only need to pay RM60.. Wee hooo! So happy

For more info, please check out :

**I was given a free copy by and please take note that I was not requested or paid to write this review, I write my sincere experience of redeeming the vouchers out of my own self willingness. Hoping that I would help and share with others what to expect if they want to redeem their worthy book vouchers**


  1. Hi Illy, I bought the worthy book long time but have not redeemed any voucher yet. Most of the free thing I give to my Mom to redeem.
    Never redeem cuz i scared.
    Well, after reading your post about Mary Chia, I also want to go and try and see how it feels like!

    1. pergi la try nadia.. i pun cam nervous2 masa na redeem tu.. tapi dorang okay jer :)

  2. I wonder if I will kena slap if I say I wanna try this too LOL

    1. you so slim already, I would be very happy if I can achieve your figure :)

  3. woww 85% off ! I shud get a worthy book too then !
    thanks for sharing illy.. :D

    1. ya.. decided to utilized the 85% off voucher after I had a nice experience during the free treatment visit :) you are most welcome myssarah :)

  4. Wow, so much of FOC freebies from 1 worthy book, it’s really worth!

  5. Great one, glad you've enjoyed it!


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