5 minutes cake (flourless and no microwave oven needed)

Olla people,

How are you? Well, couple of days back I was craving for chocolate cake in the middle of the night.

But no shop is open at 2am or atleast to my knowledge no bakery I know able to cater my impromptu need of some sweet fix at such a wee hours.

Make my own?  Aiyo so lazy la.. 2am please la... Then I have no complete ingredients to make a decent traditional chocolate cake.. For heaven sake, I don't even have flour at home.

Today, I went googling n got inspired to came out with my own version of super simple chocolate cake with no flour needed, no oven needed (ya I also have no oven at home, gosh kesian betul hahhaha) but I do have the magic cooker (loving it, n I bought with my own money n this is not sponsored post k?) N it is so east peasy that it only need 3 ingredients.

Let's start shall we?

Choco Banana Peanut Steam Cake

3 ripe banana (the fresher the better)

2 big spoon of peanut butter n Chico spread (any brand also can, if you extra rajin can even make your own)

Scoop of almonds (non compulsory bit it taste soo good with it inside)

How to do it?

Well just put everything in a bowl n start mashing them up. Once done put them in the magic cooker. You can even use your steamer or can put a lot of water in a big pan n use the steam strainer.

Wait for the steamer do does it magic for a good 15 mins. Taaaa.. Daa .. Your yummy easy to make n healthier cake is all your to be indulged :)

Hope this helps to inspire you if you are looking for some remedy for your "sweet tooth" emergency! Hahaha..

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Enjoy the pics :)





  1. Looks so good! Ahh I'm already so hungry this morning haha. Nice tip! Thank you for sharing. Now let's be Jamie Oliver haha

    1. hahaha.. bukan nampak jer, rasa pun sedap :P you are most welcome n hope you will enjoy your version tooo!

  2. Assalamualaikum illy, fuyohhh nampak sedap. heee

  3. Replies
    1. it is.. just mash n steam hahaha :P n no milk used so it is safe for you to consume!

  4. u sure so easy peasy ? wow.. so easy.. wil try :)

  5. woww!! that's amazing! so easy??

  6. Recipes so easy . I do it later.


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