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Olla everybody!

Today I would like to share with you my experience using SnoozeShade. If you are wondering what is SnoozeShade it is actually this “cover” that you can use for your stroller or buggies. Well, to be honest I’ve been prone to use baby carrier instead of my stroller just because my baby is very active and she does not really love the idea of being in a stroller. The thing is, sometime stroller is needed. For example like in restaurants, if she is in a good mood then I could easily put her on the baby chair n she can interact with us while we enjoy our meal.

The thing is, kids especially babies and toddlers are known to have very2 short attention span and they tend to be sleepy afterward. This is where stroller came in handy. Instead of carrying her while she sleep, I can just transfer her to the stroller and she can have even more comfortable position to sleep in my opinion.

The thing about shopping complex or restaurants, their lighting can be light (obviously, i can expect the whole mall to dim their lights just because my baby would appreciate it haha). This is why I always bring my SnoozeShade when even I decided to use the stroller.




With SnoozeShade, it also have this look out mode where I can just open the zip.. tuck in the “window” and let Sofea enjoy some scenery. Oh ya, dont have ot worry if you have a bulky storller or the super sleek one because this SnoozeShade come in “one size fits all”. It is also good to know that the material is made from 100% breathable, soft and stretchy premium fabric. In case it gets dirty, all I did was, put the whole thing into an empty pillow cover and dump them into my washing machine.. Done! hahaha



This SnoozeShade also come with a sneek-a-peek feature where you can unzip the bottom zipper and check out on your baby when ever needed. Who know she might be peeking on you too!



I found it to be very suitable for us here in Malaysia because the material allow it to block 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays (UPF40+) so I can give my baby the best high level sun protection. Plus, due to raining season towards end of the year now… It also helps to keep my baby same from those light drizzling rain. Plus, it also able me to protect my dear baby from  my not-so-good-friend.. mr.mosquito and his insects geng.


This product is currently costing at RM189.90 which is worth it in my opinion because it can be used from birth till your child is approximately 4 years old. After all, this product were designed in Britain and it is also proven to help babies sleep better on-the-go  Smile


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