DIY spa grade Face Mask in less than 5 minutes

Olla everyone,

Since the weekend is here, why not pamper yourself with a relaxing, full of goodness, spa grade face mask?

It takes less than 5 minutes and it is so easy! Lets get down to it..

GREEN TEA Face mask

All you need is just green tea powder (best to get the organic version) water, mixing bowl n mixer (you can use brush or spoon for the same purpose)

For the green tea powder got mine at "bake with yen" for less than RM10 for 50gram. You may also dry blend your dried green tea where you can get in those teabags make yourself your own green tea powder.

How to make?

Just mix 2 spoon of green tea powder with water till you get your desired consistency.. and you are done!

For the great benefits of green tea to your skin you may just google it awesome and best of all no chemical or harmful nasty stuff were input during the process. As natural as it can be :)

Hope you are inspired by this post. Bdaway, I am blogging using my phone this time.. Quite a nice experience haha :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I always use this. It really makes my face more smooth. Selalu main tepek je kat muka. lepas ni nak try blend pulak. hehe

  2. Never really try.Looks fun. Not a really big fan of mask though but I surely will try this when I got the time. Btw, where I can find the bake with yen?

  3. hahaha. it seems like a melt choc?

  4. I always drink green tea but never thought of using it this way. Thanks for sharing ^-^

  5. green tea great type to the face


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