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How are you today? Hope you are feeling awesome. Today I would like to share with you my experience going for a road trip all the way to Ipoh fuelled by PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula. When I mention about Petronas, what pictured in your mind? For me, it makes me feel proud as Petronas is a very well-known of their Top Notch performance and ofcoz it is our Malaysian home brand.

Great thanks to Petronas and Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this PETRONAS PRIMAX95 EXPERIENCE TO BELIEVE campaign. I wasnt there alone ofcause.. hahaha..


The media, blogging community and several lucky auto enthusiasts were also there to experience first-hand the superior efficiency of the latest fuel from PETRONAS during a day-long convoy. Before I share about my experience, allow me to share what makes this new PETRONAS PRIMAX95 special. PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula, which was launched in May this year, promises to deliver superior fuel economy in three ways.

First of all, It helps to cleans the engine to optimise fuel delivery, which creates a finer fuel spray to enhance fuel combustion and energy release reduces friction to minimise energy loss for superior fuel economy. These three key functions combine to deliver more mileage, hence, greater savings. Kachinggg… more money to buy other things that you always wanted haha..

Check out the video below for greater understanding on how it works.



So what is my experience driving with PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula? Pleasant ofcouse.. On that beautiful day, we were given an itinerary for our day-long convoy. We meet up at Publika to enjoy our breakfast together.


On that day we have around 30 cars fuelled by PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula and close to 60 participants rocking the road to Ipoh. Before we go back to Kuala Lumpur, we stop at The Indulgence, Ipoh for lunch and group photos.

We are very fortunate to have the PETRONAS’ fuel experts who share on their extensive knowledge on fuel during the question and answer session. Raja Mazhar Mohar Raja Mohar, Head of Customer Experience Department, Retail Business Division, PDB, shared with us regards to PETRONAS’ Formula OneTM experience and the unprecedented success the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team has enjoyed this season.

He also said that, “PETRONAS and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team spent more than three years working closely to co-engineer a brand new range of customised fuel and lubricants that have helped create the most competitive race car in Formula OneTM this year.”

“With the winning combination of PETRONAS PRIMAX and PETRONAS SYNTIUM, the team has collectively raced to 30 podium finishes with 15 wins – all with 30% less fuel. The team has already bagged the 2014 Constructor’s Championship and are well on course to win the Driver’s Championship as well,” he added.

As part of its ongoing commitment to its customers, PETRONAS utilised the PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™ to transfer the knowledge and acumen gained from Formula OneTM tracks to the roads of Malaysia. PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™ is the intelligent approach to fluid requirements that maximises engine performance through tailor-made product offerings and expert services.

Speaking about the extensive fuel development process, Raja Mazhar said, “We utilised Formula OneTM as a testing ground and lab to put the fluids to the test. Moreover, through the appointment of Lewis Hamilton, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team ace racer as the Technical Performance Consultant for PETRONAS PRIMAX, we gained critical real-time feedback on the fuel’s performance during tests and races. His valuable inputs were then used to perfect the formulation of PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula for superior fuel efficiency and superior economy on Malaysian roads.”

“The PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula is truly a product of our Formula OneTM involvement. In fact, the PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula has the same components as the fuel used in Formula OneTM with the only difference being the percentage composition,” he continued.

As for me, I felt that my engine run smooth and it feels good to know that my car is fuelled with a very efficient oil. It gave me the extra assurance hearing right form the people behind the product.

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For more information on PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula as well as PETRONAS SYNTIUM, or to locate the nearest PETRONAS Station, please visit


  1. Bestnya kak illy! Patutnya mira pergi jugak, tp terpaksa tolak. Banyak assignment kena siapkan weekend tu

    1. takpe2 next time ada lagi insya Allah.. belajar rajin2.. focus!! :P <3

  2. Never knew much about petrol. Usually I just go for whichever that is more convenient and cheap...haha. Thanks for sharing.


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