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Olla everyone!

When is the last time you make a food art? for me it was couple of weeks ago when I was invited to join an evening lepak session with Perfecto at Fikcles. Fikcles is located at TTDI very easy to find the place. It is a shop lot same row with the Vads building.

It is my first time bringing my baby to event due to super urgent case.. My heart was pumping, scared that Sofea might drama at the event.. hahaha so grateful that she tend to behave very politely trought out the session.. pheww…

Anyway, talking about food art and lepak session. What make it super special this time around is because I was introduced to Perfecto Snacks. It is so yummy! Perfecto Snacks is very proud of their fresh garnishing that compliment their crispy potato crisps. The brand has 3 flavours which are natural sea salt, sour cream and chives, chilli and spice infusion. I tried them all on that day (ofcause laaa, look so yummy how to resist?). My personal favourite would be the chili and spice infusion. Can really taste the spice and chili and it makes me want more n more.. hahaha


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On that day, we were assigned to group where each group have 5 team members. Well, in our case we the only team with 5 and 1/2 members thanks to Baby Sofea. All the team fight again each other to came out with the best food art, as creative as can be within 10 minutes.

We were provided with all the fresh garnishing and trust me it is so much fun creating your own food art. Wanna make your own food art with your kawan-kawan? Of cause you can.




It is as easy as 1,2,3 :
Step 1: Choose your choice of crisps-natural sea salt, sour cream and chives or chilli and spice infusion. I personally suggest to try them all Smile with tongue out Sedap!

Step 2: Garnish your crisps with sweetcorn, slices mushrooms, parmesan cheese powder, parsley flakes or chilli flakes.

Step 3: Pour on some cheese sauce, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, salsa or all of it haha.

Guess what? Out of few teams, our team selected to be one of the winning team! yeee haa!! Arigato gozaimas. Thanks to all my team members yang so creative and so kind to help me to baby sit sofea. Next snacks is on me, guys!

If you would like to hang out, chillax with your friends.. I would say enjoying this Perfecto Snacks would be an interactive and yummy session Smile Instead of keep looking at our gadgets screen, why not have fun? enjoy each other company while creating your own “customized snacks creation?”The Perfecto Snack Bar will be available from 13 December 2014 to 9 January 2015. Per serving cost only RM3.50 yes seriously I am not joking.. RM3.50 only.. good deal huh?

What? Your house is not so near to ttdi? Seems like the Perfecto Team hear you! you can actually enjoy the snack experience at the cafe’s below :

1. Wood & Steel (Halal) – 17th Dec onwards (

2. Fikcles (Halal)

3. Roast & Grind (Halal)

4. 42 East (Non Halal)

5. Dukes & Duchess (Non Halal)

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Plus, they are also having a contest at this moment, where the winner will get a chance to win a CARTON of yummy Perfecto Snacks. That’s alot of snacks mannnn… I would love to have it toooooooo! So ya, if you win, dont forget to pass me one k? hahaha


Thats it for this post, I hope it give you some ideas for a next hangout place and have you tired perfecto snacks before? If you did, do you like it? Let mek now which are your favourite flavours Smile 


For more info do check out :


  1. i come here for sofia cheeks. hehe no lah!

    i saw a lot of bloggers blog about this. now i'm just craving for some chips and some dipping like above picture. best gila dapat lepak smbil makan chips rather than the usual menu we have in other restaurant kan.

    1. Olla Sab! :) thanks for dropping by <3 aritu jumpa tak sempat nka borak panjang... next time jumpa lagi :) lepak makan chips ke kannn hahaha

  2. Belum pernah try tempat mcm ni lagi.

  3. look interesting but i see ur daughter cuter :)

  4. chocolate as one of the main ingredient too :) wow!

  5. Potato Chips with toppings...AWESOME!

  6. i like potato chips, will test this brand

  7. im very like sofea same like patung


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