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Olla everyone!

What is your opinion over having lots of fun with your friends on a moving bus? Yes, on a bus. But let me tell you straight that this bus in not your ordinary everyday bus. When I first went into the bus, I was like omg! Felt like I am witnessing one of those “pimp my ride” vehicle.

They have super funky LED light all over the inner part of the bus, with 2 comfy leather sofa. Since we (read : the clumsy illy) tend to “tumpah” drinks it is great to have a leather sofa while partying.. haha.. by the way, I accidently drop my drinks on Ivy while trying to greet n hug Caro! OMG haha.. sorry Ivy!!

Talking about the bus, it also come with a big flat screen where you could enjoy karaoke session with your party people. The best part of it, F&N also provide a professional Mixologist ( The guy who help to create and serve interesting and yummy mock tail). Muslim? No worries, I am also muslim and we all know that mocktail means drinks with no alcohol. Instead, they are using the great varieties of carbonated drinks from F&N.




On that day, the Mixologist demonstrate to us on how to create 5 custom-made yummilicous mock tail. I learned how to make drinks like Yellow Submarine, Spicy Cool (interesting name huh?), Awesome Surprise, Jass it Up and Asian Twist. My most favourite would be Awesome surprise. It taste so refreshing thanks to the ingredients like cucumber, melon syrup, lime juice and ofcause F&N Ice Cream Soda. I remembered last time, my mum use to make ice cream soda bandung drinks. Where she put in syrup, fresh milk , F&N ice cream soda and ice. Can introduce some of the new recipes to my mum so she could serve more yummy drinks to her guest and family.. (read : more yummy drinks for me, I don’t have to make.. haha)




Overall, it was such a unique party experience and I had quite a lot of fun. Check out my pictures below.. rocking it with blogger friends. If you are one of the GRAND PRIZE winners, you will also be hosted with various activity during your Fun Blast Bus Party like F&N Fun Flavour Mocktail Challenge, Selfie Booth, Karaoke Session and F&N Mocktail Catwalk games. The bus will be on the move from 1Utama shopping complex to Pavilion and Subang Parade among others.



Caro and me smiling ear to ear with our drinks. 


Mira, long time tak jumpa!


Samantha (Thanks for inviting me), Caro, me and Izzati (sorry tatie, banyak gambar ni yang clear haha)


So ya, would you like to have the whole bus for you and your friends to party? Yes you can! F&N is currently having a contest (ending very soon, so go and cepat masuk). It is super duper easy. All you need to do is

1) Go to their fb link here

2) Play the F&N Fun Blast game

3) Wait for the winners announcement

Participants with the highest points gained each week will be chosen as the winners. If you are super hebat at that game, please take note that winner can only win once. Give chance to others to party also la… haha  mine is 120 points for this week, how much is yours?



There are 20 Prizes up for grab, which include 6 GRAND PRIZE winners (where winner and 6 friends will win an EXCLUSIVE F&N Fun Blast Party on a Bus. There will also 14 weekly winners who will score themselves with 1 pair of GSC movie tickets.

Birthday coming up? Bridal Shower? Surprise Party? Or even planning a farewell for your friend? This would be awesome once in a life time experience to enjoy together… Go cepat, join the contest!


For more info do check out F&N social site below :



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