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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

First and foremost, I like to explain that I am not an expert. I havent even make it big in the industry. I am just sharing what I have learned during couple of years that I have been blogging on part time basis.  Some of us started our blog long time ago when it was more like an online diary. Back then things were different. Nowadays, blog are taken into a different level where it could actually open a new door or possibilities, meeting like minded people, friendship and even provide you extra income (adv/paid campaign/ exposure) while doing what you love doing. Which is docuementing your journey.

This  is not really a guide or how to manual, it is more like sharing session. What works for me might not work for the rest and what work for the rest might not work for me. My main intention is to share this out so that maybe you will not do the same mistake that I did. Plus it is nice to to learn a tips or two right?  Hopefully it helps.

All the tips listed below are not are not ranked based on their importance, it is a random order. Let’s start shall we?

1) Know your niche 

If you start your blog fresh, it is best to know what is your niche and try to write more write up on that. Your niche can be something that you really enjoy. It can be cooking, it can be travelling or it can even be beauty. Actually it could be anything.. from photography to music to fitness, actually the list is so long it is endless.


2) Be You

Your blog should represent you. You are unique. Meaning your blog supposed to be unique too. Imagine if every single blog you see have the same colour code, the same design the same way of writing … what’s the fun in reading that?  Imagine if everyone in the world walking around having the same face? Be you!

Dont compare yourself with others. Do more of what makes you happy. Compete with yourself. Be a better person each day. Each person have different huddles and rewards in life. You dont know what they go trough behind closed door. Be genuinely happy for people around you, and you will notice how beautiful your journey will be.


3) Time Management

Let’s just face it. Blogging consume time. You have to plan to meet dateline, to attend event, review products, take pictures, then editing, then drafting, then social sharing and it goes on and on and on.  My tips for those who are juggling blogging on part time basis is to plan. Do plan ahead. Planning is the key.  Schedule button is such an awesome tool. haha


4) Be Supportive

The more love you put out to the world. The more it will come back to you. It is just like a boomerang effect. How would you feel if any of your friend share your post or like it or comment on it? Be that friend instead. Give out as much love and be kind. If you think what your friend write is interesting or beneficial it just drop a comment or like their work. After all it cost nothing to be supportive and kind.


6) Know your value, but not over value.

After all you only have 48 weekends a year, would you like to spend 80% of it to attend event? Think about it. What about family, love ones and yourself? I used to accept any invite that I received and it makes me very unhappy and tired. Learned that, only accept event/ review if I truly like the product/services and if it suite my readership profiling. The more exclusive you make yourself the more people value your existance. However, if you are  new in the industry and looking forward to built your content then it is totally okay for you to go all out.

Not every good news is a good news. There might be times that opportunity/colloboration came but it is not a win-win situation. I witness and experienced numbers of exploitation in blogging world (we are not talking about that now). If a company/person asking you to do any sort of work/review/sharing, Do make sure of the terms before accepting. Some questions to ask yourself before accepting any jobs or review or collaborations. Does it worth your time? Do you really like this product? Does it clash with any of your belief? For example if a person send you RM10 worth of products and send you a long list of things they “need” you to do. Think about it. But, please dont go around asking for 5 digits payment for your first job. You know the drill. haha


7) Consistancy is the Key!

You can’t expect things to go well instantly. Unless for some really rare cases. Blogging can be relatable to planting. You have to do it consistantly. Update your blog consistantly. The more you write the more inventory you have and the more possibility of you getting organic traffic coming to your blog. This is one of the way to grow your readership.

If you stop pouring water into your garden it will die. In blogging world, your traffic might goes slow because everytime your reader come to visit there is no new entry and they might come again the next day to check up. But if there is no update for months.. then they might stop visiting.


8) Dont give up

Like an athlete, practise make perfect and dont give up. If you check my earlier post, I did lots of try and error. Experimenting with ways of writing. Ways to take pictures, to edit videos. It is a learning process. So, dont be so hard on yourself.


9) Friends with all, trust a few

Learned the hard way on this one.


10) Good/Clear  Photo – Super Important

I remember those days when I just started blogging, dont even have a proper digital camera. All I have is a crappy phone. The thing I learned, make full use of natural lighting. The best time to take picture is between 9-10am and the golden hour from 6-7pm. If all does not work, make full use of photo editing apps.


11) Appreciate

I am here because of all the kind support I received. My husband and family have been nothing but supportive, my close friends been giving moral support and also the opportunity given by clients and brand have a great impact to my journey. i will not be typing this without having them around in my life. So, be appreciative. Look around you, there are many things to be appreciated.


12) Intention

Since blogging is takes lots of hard work and time. Do set your intention right. What is the main reason you started blogging? Is it to share your passion to the world? Is it to express yourself? Document your journey? Or the drive to help others to find out more information before making purchasing decision? What is your intention?

The reason being, if you want a quick fame or just collecting goodies or making lots of money, you might be dissapointed. Along the way you might get tired, exhausted and drained. Expecially if you dont like writing, dont waste your precious time. It is crucial to enjoy writing to be a blogger. If you dont like to write, then it is like being a photographer who dont like taking pictures. It does not make any sense. Being a blogger means you have to be creative with your work even thinking for a caption for a social share could take up some brain cells. haha

It does not come easily and it does not come as much or as fast as you expected it to be. You need to build your portfolio, your readership, your network and it takes lots of hard work and persistancy. The rest that have been making it big, receiving 5 digits job or more per advertorial have spent years and years including blood and sweat to be there.


15) Blog revolved around you

I used to be a beauty blogger till I had my daughter and it does impact my way of living and then I get interested into children related topic as well. One day you might be into make up, the next day you are into gardening or maybe you used to write about business tips and then realise you have more passion over cooking. It is okay, your blog supposed to document your journey and it is okay to switch your lane whenever you want to. It is your journey and your blog anyway.


That’s it for today.

We are at the end of this post, there you go. 15 tips on blogging world. Let me emphasize once again, that I am not a consultant or an expert. I am just sharing lesson and tips that I learned along the way after years and years of blogging. Hopefully it could, somehow help.  What do you think of these tips? If you have more beneficial tips, please do not hesitate to share it down below and I will include it in this post and credit it to you.

Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this up, as usual… dont forget to take it easy and smile!



*I am not paid to write this. All opinions are my own.  As usual,  I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain


  1. thank you for sharing little bit more about blogging. I don't like writing but I do enjoy reading. Keep up the good work illy!

    1. Intan, you are the best! thank you sebab selalu support illy <3 appreciate it very much. I will try to improve from time to time. Hug!

  2. care to elaborate more on no 9?

    1. we leave it for another day :) Thanks for asking Azrina <3

  3. Love all your tips here especially the 6th point =)

    1. love you lagi banyak Ayna! <3 n yes, i just think that need to get the message across <3 muah! <3

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks bro :) will try to improve from time to time.

  5. Replies
    1. Alia, terima kasih singgah sini :) glad you find it nice! <3

  6. Consistancy paling susah.. :)

    good tips.. suka :)

    1. insya Allah illy doakan yang terbaik for Nova :) boleh tu dont worry.. skang pun okay dah illy tengok :) <3

  7. Thanks for sharing. The tips are quite helpful to me who just started blogging.

    1. Welcome to the blogging world! glad that you like the tips. Hope it works for you and all the best!! <3

  8. I agree, we got to love what we do in order to sustain and be consistent. Keep it up

    1. Thank you for dropping by sis Kelly. I look up to you a lot :)


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