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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you want to be pretty, have a good skin and overall good health but dislike to take bitter jamu. I have suggestion for you. Do check out Gula Gula Magic from GAH GEMILANG VENTURES . It is actually a beauty supplement that are based from chocolate, apple and goat milk. Sounds yummy? Wait… it also contain dates, appricot, honey and promogranate which all aimed to give the natural benefit for your body and skin. For an extra goodness, collagen were also added into the formulation to aid in giving your a bouncy skin.






Look at that haha.. Imagine having all the goodness into your body. Each tin of Gula Gula Magic contain 3 main flavour in total of 30 pieces. It can be enjoyed by anyone, ladies, guys from teenager to adult to elderly. All you need to do is just to consume 1 before your breakfast and another one before you sleep. 




If you are interested to try it out, do check out their fb for more details. I will link it below toward the end of this post. The cost is RM49.00 for a pack. It think it is a good value and totally affordable considering the amount of goodness it will bring to your body and skin. You can get it from seletected Jamu shop, Authorised stokist and also online. 

To order : 0173970376

FB :







*This is a sponsored post. Like always, opinion are my own.


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