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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope everything is going great at your end. Today I would like to share with you my experience trying out PlateCulture service. If you are wondering what is PlateCulture, it is actually the Airbnb of food! haha yes, if your are familiar you totally get what I mean. Basically, you get to enjoy authenthic home cooked food by a private chef.

My husband and I sometime struggle to decide on what to eat. We wanted to eat outside but it is very ticky to find healthy food that contain no preservative, no food colouring in short a good honest food. So, we came across PlateCulture and since we do love Pho, we decided to try out Halal Vietnamese Kitchen. I am so happy when I found Mai N. profile on PlateCulture!

At PlateCulture it is actually a community of like minded people who share passion over food and you get to experience out of restaurant concept where it is often hosted at Chef’s home. You will get to share food, make new friends and discover more about cultures and and connect.

To be honest, this is our first time and we already loving it. We booked the session a month ago and have been very excited over it haha..  All you need to do is just browse the profile at the website, book your slot and make payment in advance to secure your slot. I am hoping that my daughter will behave and thankfully she did, Phewww…

Once the day arrived, we drove to Mai’s house and greeted by her husband Saif. He is a friendly guy and she share with us on how he meet his wife. My husband and I enjoyed getting to know them. After couple of minutes, the second family arrived. They have 3 children and I am happy that Sofea get to make her own new friend too. She is quite shy in the begining but it all goes well.

Then we have 2 more ladies joining us. So we have 6 adult and 4 kids on the table. It is nice to get to know new people and their stories. I felt connected. Sooooo, shall we talk about the food?




Savory sticky rice with pate and giò

This is our appertizer. Those golden string is actually homemade fried onion. It tasted so good and actually insprired me to make my own bawang goreng instead of using the ready made. It really gave an impact. Plus the sticky rice and the beef paste is just os yummy! My first time trying out this dish and I like it very much.


Duck basil salad

I just love basil salad. Not only it have the distinguish rich aromatic flavour it also goes well with the duck and the peanut.



Salads and wraps

Chicken wraps lemongrass

Fish wraps sugarcane

The food just get better and better. The chicken wrap lemongrass is so nice!! and also i never knewthat fish goes well with sugarcane. Such a lovely combination. We took the meat and then wrap it with the salad + mint leave + corriender and then pour a little bit of the dipping. It is also very nice to enjoy the sugarcane by itself.  



pho bò Hà Nôi


We arrived at the star of the day authentic Hanoi Pho. We were told that central, southern and northen part of Vietnam have their own signature twist when it come to Pho. Saif told us the one from Central is very spicy and if you arethe one who love spicy dishes then you might fancy the central version.  The one normally found in Malaysia are those from southern vietnam and it is nice to try this one out from Hanoi. Sofea love the pho.. alot! She already aiming  the bowl the moment it arrived on our table haha. I am tempted to learn how to cook them from Mai, so I could make it at home for Sofea. If you are wondering, Mai do provide cooking class and you may also book her slot for that.

Lychee lotus dessert and Vietnamese coffee

This is our dessert. My husband love the Vietnamese Coffee but I didnt managed to take snap a picture of it.  Check out those lychee lotus dessert!!  It is very statisying and yummy at the same time. Such a simple and flavourful dessert. I can forsee myself recreating that at home too!

That conclude all the meals that we had on that day. Actually, Mai could also take up catering if you planning to host a party or kenduri. Wanna see more picture of food? I screen shot those from Mai’s PlateCulture profile and I can wait to try out other dishes as well. Nyum nyum!



For more details, do check out Mai’s profile and FB



We are at the end of this post, thank you very much for reading our experience. Hope it is somehow helpful incase you are looking for a twist of authenthic flavour. You may laos check out the video I did incase you want to see more.  Till next post, as always dont forget to take it easy and smile!





*I am not paid to write this. This is our personal experience, we paid everything with our hard earned money.  As usual,  I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain


  1. Looks so sedap! I wanna try this one also :)

    1. memang sedap!! :) do try it out <3 you will love them!


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