Beautiful dress with long lasting fine fragrance scent? Lux presents Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Raya Collection


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are feeling great. I am very happy to share with you about this latest awesome collection by Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Raya Collection and this time around it is presented by Lux. One of my favourite brand when it comes to luxury smelling body shower cream.

Lux does not need any introduction as it is a very renowned body wash brand. I particularly love Lux Magical Spell and it just so happen that for Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Raya collection – Lux Magical Spell was part of it. One of the amazing thing about Lux Magical Spell is because of their long lasting fine fragrance that can last for up to 8 hours. Seriously, 8 hours of smelling divine. Who would not want that right?

In one of my earlier post, I have shared about Black Orchid. Why is it so significant? Because this unique blend of Black Orchid in Lux Magical Spell serves as a bold, powerful fragrance that leaves skin fragrant for up to 8 hours! Seriously, if you have tried this body wash (the one in purple bottle) then you could totally relate on how I feel.

All of us can see that Lux have always inspire women around the world to be Bold and Beautiful. And it is more fitting that Lux Magical Spell chose to collaborate with Jovian Mandagie for his Raya collection. In case you didn’t know, Jovian’s Raya designs all very classy and elegant – and it fits well with Lux Magical Spell.

For the first time ever, Lux presents the Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Raya Collection. The collection is scented with Lux Magical Spell so that women can experience the bold and confident feeling the fragrance gives that really goes along with the bold and elegant designs by Jovian. Seriously, they have Lux Magical Spell scent on the dress. Imagine getting that at your door step. Open your parcel and the scent just bursting out. I find it very interesting indeed!

So, last week I am blessed enough to be invited and be a part of the revealing session. To be one of the first to see the collection in front of my eye just gets me to the edge of my seat. The event was held at Glasshouse Seputeh. My first time going there, Gjanawi and I had a good fun in the car on the way to the event. Hope to catch with you more often babe. Hug. Anyway, as I walk into the place, I saw a big elephant. I-kid-you-not an ELEPHANT.


So stylish huh? I love how they decorated the place to be so glam! At the event, we were given some styling tips on how to creatively wear neck scarves. You know what each one of us were given a beautiful neck scarves designed by Jovian and of course it scented by Lux Magical Spell. I just love it when I open the box at home. Jovian designed the neck scarves exclusively for Lux! Thanks to the styling session now I have 4 ideas on how to wear them stylishly. Hehe…



I went with few other blogger friends and it is one of the beautiful memories I have. I love mingling with like-minded people as they fuel a happy good vibe into my life.  Naomie , Diya, Pika, Gjanawi, Ayue, Safurara and Mieza Thanks ladies! Anyway, would you like to check out the amazing collection? Below are some of my favourite. Can I have them all please? (making puss in the boot kinda face expression) haha





(Every piece of the Jovian Mandaige for Zalora Raya collection will be infused with the rich, bold scent of Lux Magical Spell)


That is the man of the day, Jovian Madagie. Congrats!! You just gain another girl fan haha


Cant get enough? I feel you.. haha Check this out. Isnt that just mesmerizing?



Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and forthe continous support. Greatly appreciated, will continue to improve from time to time and yes if you would like to purchase the collection do head on to


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