A new VLOG, yeay!



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I have been capturing my journey on youtube and also couple of humble tips. So recently I was kidnaped by my husband for unplanned trip to Ipoh and we also end up snokelling in Pulau Pangkor. It is totally unplanned and I am forever grateful for having such a wonderful travelling partner like my hubby.

This time around we didnt bring our baby Sofea. It was just us. Like the old days. I remembered the early days when we were just married, we have been hopping on a road trip quite frequent. Most of the trip revolved around food. Ya, my husband and I appreciate good food and good scenery. Okay lah.. to be blunt he likes food and I like scenery. So, going for a road trip and travelling satisfy both of our cravings.

I will try to seat down and write about our trip in the near future. But incase you are curious, do check out the vlog we did. Since you are at it, dont forget to subsribe as we will bring you along with us towards more adventure. Hopefully, with Allah’s will, we get to go for more trip together till we are old granpa and gramma. Looking forward to that.

Alright, I hope you like the video and do stay tune for the post k? 



  1. you and your husband are hilarious. I am looking forward for more vlog from both of you.


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