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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Recently, I received a hamper by TollyJoy. They send me a number of baby must have and it come at such great timing expecially when I just had my second child. I bet you have heard about TollyJoy before, since they are quite prominent in baby product industry.From clothes to wetwipes to bottle and diaper. I actually tried few of their product even fro mthe  time I had my first child. They sell cost effective product that works so no complain from my end. I actually didnt know they they also sell diaper. IT is my first time seeing the diaper actually.




Let’s check out the first product. It is this milk bottle. I really wish I could direct latch my baby for as long as I could. However, being a working mum means I can only do that for the first 2 months before jumping back to working enviroment. I may only be able to direct lacth during the night. I learned from a breast feeding consultant that direct latch arethe best way to stimulate milk production. Anyway… if you are in the same position as me, we still need to get a bottle for our baby so they could be fed during our absence. Then do consider to check out this baby bottle by TollyJoy.  It is antibacterial and claimed to be able to prevent colic. CRUCIAL!! Trust me you would want your baby to be colic free in order to keep your sanity LOL

Since they gave 2 sizes and 2 each, I used the big bottle with more capasity for Sofea my first daughter and the small one for Zandria. She is a tiny baby after all her consumption is way lesser. I also tend to get them a new bottle every 3months for hygienic purposes. You can paint them and recycle those bottle to plant petite herbs. Just an idea for sustainabilty.




This is one of the product I used most. IT actually is a detergent for baby accesories and vegetables. Yes you are right even for vegetables. You know most plant nowadays have have pesticides on them that will not go off if wash them out with water. This is a good product to give some assurance. You may also use it to wash breastpump or nail clipper etc. Best to buy one and pass to your kids nursery as well. Atleast that is what I did. Not only your kids get the benefit you will also get to also protect their friends.





Next item is this baby wipes. They have 2 varieties. One is the scented on and the other is non-scented. I actually prefer non-scented product because I just think it is too much of smell simulation of baby considering they will also be using shampoo, body wash and lotion that most likely will come with their own distinctive smell.






Moving on, we have these baby laundry detergent. Baby skin tend to be more delicate and sensitive. Best to use detergent that are as mild as posible. You may consider TollyJoy brand because they have the anti-mite dust version. I actually like the smell of the product. Very theraputic haha.. I never imagine that a clothes detergent could smell like that buy hey.. we are in 2017 aren’t we? The main reason are due to Eucalyptus and Clove essesntial oils that were included in the detergent.




This is the only product that I did not get to try out yet. Simply because my first daughter is too big to fit into size M while my second daughter are too small for the size. I shall wait couple more months before I could give an insight about this diaper. Till then, I’ll just keep it in the cupboard.

That’s about it. We are at the end of this post. I would like to thank TollyJoy for sending over this product so I could try and give my two cents worth of opinions. Thank you to each one of you for spending your valuable time to read this up. Hope you will find them informative somehow. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Love the accessories & vegetable cleanser, smells so good !

    1. felt the same way. i siap anta kat sekolah budak2 ni biar cikgu dia pakai for other kids as well :)


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