Sofea’s Suprised Birthday



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It felt like yesterday baru “beranak kan” si Sofea ni. I still remember the excitement. Fast forward 3 years, here we are celebrating Sofea’s 3rd birthday. Truth to be told, my husband and I never once throw her a birthday party at school. This is our first time doing so. In matter of fact, this is our first time throwing a party at school for our child. My husband being the a man, he put all the planning on my shoulder. GREAT! Isn’t this parenting? This is not mummything.. Phew..  I have to source out for the vendor, came up with ideas, liasing with vendor and etc… Man, right?? But he did the man task for securing the bills. LOL so ya, at the end I am happy to do the planning anytime!

Like many other kids out there, one of Sofea’s fav song is “Happy Birthday” most probably cause she celebrate her friends birthday now n then at school. When you have around 40 friends you will tend to sing happy birthday song every other day. LOL What joy is that, being a kids. Anyway, everytime she come home singing the song (on repeat ofcoz) I normally asked her, “birthday siapa?” she will answer “kawan kakak” and smiled.

We firgured out that she might like the idea of having birthday party at her school with her friends. I mean it is her birthday after all. Instead of us, hijacking her birthday to invite our friends over LOL. (it is the initial plan after all, hahahahahahaha).

So it happened!


My husband and I are not very keen with the ideas of serving kids junk food, we know some some parents are okay with that (no judgement, I grew up with junk food and I am okay, I guessed??) However there are some parents that are extremely careful with anything that are consumed by their kids. We dont want to cross boundaries, I mean some are crucial due to medical condition. Even as a parents ourself, we do ensure Sofea’s n her adik diet to contain no sugar and no salt up till they reach 2 years old. What kind of pantang right? Ala… they will have all their life to eat anything they wanted. We just want protect their digestive system until they are physically ready to process sugar and salt.

We decided to order bento. Not just any bento. HELLO KITTY BENTO. Yeay!!

Anyway those pic are taken from the vendor fb. simply because she took nicer picture hahaha.. you can check them out here : I must give it to them, very efficient and super creative. Will totally order again in the future. I mean, look at them, SUPER CUTE RIGHT??? The hello kitty bento were such a hit among the kids the other day, even Sofea’s teacher been praising the bento. It looks so appealing.




Sofea’s eye sparkle when she saw the chocolate fountain. haha… I cant help it seriously. Sofea is already passed her 2 years “pantang”. She is a big girl, She is 3 for godsake. I felt the urge to splurge a lil bit by having candy buffet complete with a chocolate fountain for her to enjoy with her friends. I am actually afraid that her teacher probably dislike me for that hahaha.. imagine around 40 kids high on sugar!! We took out some candies from the selection and agreed on having the biscuit, the fruits satay, marshmallow and the yoghurt stick. If it is up to my husband he might be ordering veggies/salad buffet for the kids. Not a bad idea for me to do the planning huh? 

Ordered this candy buffet that comes with chocolate from my blogger peers her name is  IDa Baharum, you can pm here here : She will do all the setting, so you just have to arrive and enjoy the party.


What is a birthday party without a cake right? Speaking about that, for Sofea’s first birthday we took her out for dinner and her father made me order a birthday salad for her LOL

The Hello Kitty Cake was indeed so yummy, not as sweet just how the father would approve. We order a strawberry cake and glad that the baker used real strawberry instead of the jams. If you are interested you can check them out here : 

Price is reasonable as it include deliveries for our area. Dealing with Cake Pantry was fuss free. I can see myself ordering cakes in the future from them. Actually, I already ordered another cake for makan-makan session with my family members from my husband side. 



Hehe.. adik happen to be celebrating her 4th months on the day we celebrated Sofea’s birthday at school. I decided to glam her up so she dont feel left out.



Family picture with the birthday girl.




Guessing from her smile, she seems happy. Aww… this might sound cliche but please dont grow up so fast. Take your time. I wish that your whole life will be surrounded with lots happiness and love. Amim ya rabal alamin. 

We also have a video, do check them out. You can see sofea all shy when her friends sing a birthday song for her. Totally unexpected reaction haha.. Since you are at it, dont forget to subcribe and like the video pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for sharing the happiness with our family. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Happy Birthday my twinsies from another century, hehehe =P Auntie Ayna wish you will be a happy & healthy girl, loving and caring soul just like you always do, muahsssss <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy Birthday Sofea comel!! What a cute bentoooooo.. Nak sikit pleashhhh


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