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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

This post have a tendency to tempt you so do read with caution k? Now that have been said. Let’s dig right in. Couple of weeks ago, my family and I decided to splurge a little bit by having a seafood dinner as we are celebrating some good news. We drove to The Curve and walk along the food alley and then my husband mention why not we try out this Red Lobster Restaurant. Always seen the place but never get the chance to try them out.



As we walk into the restaurant, the first thing that catch my eyes are the aquarium. They stored their live seafood there. Without a doubt it tickle the interest of my daughter as well. haha.. End up pulling a chair so she can have a closer look.


The ambiance of the place is cozy, I think it really suitable for family occasion. When we arrived the are not much crowd because we are quite early. Good thing is we get to pick a good spot. Yeay! The restaurant quickly filled with people within less than 30 mins so I would suggest for you to make a reservation to avoid disappointments.  The two botak you can see in the pic is my husband and my second daughter.



Complimentary Chesar Bread. The texture reminded me of the biscuit from Texas Chicken however thisis a savoury version. My husband and I like the hint if salt and the herbs they use. Quite generous for a complimentary appetizer.



This is Lobster Pizza cost us RM 43.90 for a whole pizza. The moment they took it out from the kitchen we can detect the ocean smell of the dish. Like seriously very appetizing. I have no idea what greens they used but most likely it is somekind of seaweed. The whole ingridients blend very well and I also like that the crust is not too thick. Sedap, looking forward to try out their other pizza range during next visit. Yes, I am talking about next visit because I think this place is worth visiting over and over again.









Here come the most interesting meal of all. It is the Seafood Tower. The name says it all. A 3 tier tower filled with all kind of seafood. From fish to squid to mussels to alaskan king crab to clams and tiger prawn. If you want to try as many dish but also worried that might not be able to finish then this Seafood Tower is a good selection. This meal is totally for sharing. I love the freshness of each seafood. They even offer to de-shell (is that a word? LOL) the alaskan king crab for us to make it easier for consuption. The alaskan king crab is cook in chilli gravy and served with fried bread. So yummy! The mussels are bathed in tomato herbs gravy, I squezze the lemon on top of the mussels and also the grill squid and the result is OMG! The cost for this Seafood Tower is RM 165.90 which I think very reasonable considering it can be shared up to 3 pax, the amount of seafood and also the good taste.











In case it might help, I also managed to snap the picture of Red Lobster Menu so you can soft of plan what kind of meal you want to order. Also they are having 10% discount if you pay using maybank card. However, it will end by April 2018. So, if you are reading this in 2018 do take note on that k?

We are the end of this post. hope you find it beneficial somehow. Overall, my family and I had a good meal. We have no complain what so ever. The service is good, meal come faster than we expected and taste great. Like always, I am more than happy to share about worthy products, services and even meals. Till next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Pika pun asyik lalu je Red Lobster ni tak masuk2.. InshaAllah one day. Hehheee because my family tend to go to Jeram if they want to eat seafood. By the way, glad that I'm reading this adter I've done my sahur so takde la lapar sangat. Kalau baca tengah hari ni mahu tertelan air liur tengok gambar2.. Hehehee..

  2. Looks delicious, btw babe do they have lobster roll as well?

    1. they are delicious! anyway if i am not mistaken there do not have lobster roll


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