Renovated outlet of Melvita at One Utama


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Last week, I was invited to check out the renovated Melvita One Utama outlet. First off, I said yes because the location of the store is super near to my office. To be exact, I walked accross the shop many times before as I wonder around during my lunch time. The first thing I noticed is that they took out the glass panel, which I personally think is a good idea as it gave a more “welcoming” feel.


I also noticed that they redo the ceiling. Nice huh? I think the glass gave a clean and umphh tp the center piece. If you are wondering the whole concept are inspired by bees and beehives. Which explained the hexagon shaped chandelier you see in the pic.

If you are familiar with Melvita, you might noticed that Melvita have always been carrying the hexagon into their branding. This drived back to their core belief about the importance of protecting the bees. Why bees? I could go all day explaining about that, but I leave it for you to google about it. As today, I am going to focus on sharing about the newly renovated shop and also some products that I found interesting.



As you walk into the shop, you definately wont be missing this 3 giant oil tanks. It is situated exactly in the middle of the shelves. Melvita actually cover unisex beauty and skincare need that includes face care, body care, hair care and beyond. I am talking about lip balm, face mist, lotion even up to shampoo. Most products brought in are certified by ECOCERT France, and also adhere to the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics). In short, if you are looking to look for daily nessecities at the same time support a brand that do their best to care for nature then Melvita is one ofthe best options to go. Anyway, let’s check out some of the interesting product that they are bringing into the Malaysian market. Disclaimer : The price are revelant at the time those pictures were taken which is in May 2017.






They are also having a promo for this month incase you need more reason to check out their shop. Have fun visiting Melvita and till next blogpost!


  1. I heard a lot about their rosewater, looking forward to try it out soon =)


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