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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Back with another make up review. I think it would be a great idea to came up with a Raya Look since we are going to start fasting this weekend. Talking about Raya, as we normally would go visiting friends and family or maybe hosting an open house, having a make up that could last long is very vital. Atleast for me, I dont have the time to keep on touch up my face. I have two happy children to monitor, touching up my make up is in my low priority list haha.. Today, I would like to share with you 3 main products that you can consider if you want a long wear make up that will keep you looking your best!

This time we are talking about GoldenRose. I am pretty sure many of you are aware of this brand. It is orignated from Turkey, use only high quality and halal friendly ingridients. When I meet Joanne the other day, she asked my what is my opinion over halal products? Little that I know some high end brand do contain carmine in their products OMG right? Rest assured that if you purchase make up by GoldenRose this would be non of your worry.

I am so happy to share with you that there will be a giveaway of make up products by GoldenRose worth RM200. so, you can enjoy a beautiful raya look using make up by GoldenRose . Before we get to that allow me to share my review over their range. Let’s get to it shall we?



The first product we have here is the Make Up Fixing Spray. It works to make your make up stay longer so you can enjoy visiting family and friends during raya without the constant need to touch up. Once you are done wearing your make up, just hold the spray around 20cm away from your face and start misting. dont forget to shake up the bottle before spraying. I actually use this make up fixing spray just like how I use my face mist. You can just put it in your handbad and spray it when ever you feel like doing so.I like how it keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh. Even when I am at work, will tend to spray every now n then just freshen up. This product contain no alcohol or paraben and it smell like a bouqet of flower. The Make Up fixing Spray const RM 65 for 120ml. Very reasonable price for its quality.




Next, we have this Eyeshadow Primer. Come in a tube like so. The name says it all. you use it before applying your eyeshadow. This product help to create a nice surface on your lid so the eyeshadow application will be effortless. Most important of all, it will also make your eyeshadow pigment appear more vibrant. On top of that  it will also help to ensure a clump free eye lid make up. I actually tried this product and went under the sun, even after I sweat, I am impressed that my eyeshadow is clump free. The texture is also smooth and makes the application very efficient. I actually like it more than my high end eyeshadow primer. I found that the formulation is lightweight compare to the one I bought that cost double its price. The cost for this eyeshadow primer is RM40 per tube for 11ml of product. A little goes a long way for an eye shadow primer and I can see utilizing this for atleast more than 3months.





Make-UP Primer is the main recipe for a make up that last all day. What I like about this primer it is mattifying and also pore minimizing. I super love the texture. It is very lightweight, absorb almost instantly and smell sutle. Just how I like them to be. I cant help but to enjoy the smooth feel it gave to my skin after applying. I have tried numerous primer before and this is my new favourite go to. A whole bottle cost RM85 contained 30ml. Very generous, no wonder many make up artist out there are using this brand.



Here are the swatches and also some product spread if oyu want to check out better. I was thinking that it would be such a long post if I want to write about the Lip barrier and the other two lip products. But I will do so in the future. Stay tune for that blogpost k?


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-23 at 10.28.51

Taaa daaaa. this is the make up I achieved using Golden Rose Make Up Products. Loving natural and bright look. Just to make it clear, you see.. I like using products that work regardless they are high end or not. I mean I do like luxurious product and willing to spend if they really does work as they claimed to be. However, I am not just limited to that. 

We have arrived at the interesting part.


I am are giving away RM200 worth of Golden Rose Make UP

Velvet Matte Lipstick (2 units – shade 10 and 39)

Make up Fixing Spray

Longstay Liquid Matter LipstickDream Eyebrow Pencil




All you need to do :

1) Go to my fb page (Click here) .

2) Share it on your wall (make sure it is public).

3) Tag 2 friends in the comment section of the fb post.

4) subscribe to our youtube channel (Click here).

5) Like Golden Rose instagram (click here)


1) Contest will run from today 23 May up till 2 June 2017.

2) Winner will be chosen randomly via raflecopter system.

3) Winner will get to win RM200 worth of Golden Rose Make UP consist of Velvet Matte Lipstick (2 units – shade 10 and 39) , Make up Fixing Spray and Longstay Liquid Matter LipstickDream Eyebrow Pencil.


  1. Dah join..harap2 saya bertuah :)

    1. thank you for joining Julia :) <3 all the best!!

  2. Really love GR range sebab utamanya is halal ingredients used. Thank you kak Illy for the giveaway. Hopefully I am the lucky one to walk away the gift. 💓💓

    1. yes their main core is that their products are halal. More than happy to host and thank you very much for joining! <3

  3. Love their lippies, long lasting & non drying!


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