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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I will be talking about eye shadow today, and hope you will find it helpful. It is the new limited edition quad eye shadow pallete by Mary Kay that was released for spring! It comes in two selections which is Sunlight ( the one with warm/orange tone ) and the other one is Glistering Horizon ( the one with  blue/cold tone).  Both collection are born together in the NEW limited-edition Light, Reinvented Collection from Mary Kay.

The eye shadow can be used for both day and night make up. The options are endless. There are days when I used single color for my whole eyelid and there are days I mixed few colors to create different look. You can use the lighter colour for whole lid and add little bit of darker shade towards the outer corver of eye socket do more dramatic look.

I also like the formulation as it stay whole day. Do bear in mind I also put on eyeshadow primer. That could be a contributing factors. If you have oily skin in general I totally recommend for you to put on eye primer before applying any eye shadow to aoid crease.


I like their compact size, make it easiy to slot in your make up bag. However I also wish that they came in a nicer packaging instead of transparent plastic container to match the “limited edition” feel.


The coverage is semi-opaque to opaque with lots of fine glitter. Dont know if you can see it clearly in the swatch pic but yes they do contain fine glitter.I think it is nice as it give some kind of glow to your eyelid. The texture was soft, a little dusty, but blendable and did not appear dry or powdery on my lids. It is also have less dustiness compared to other eyeshadow that I have tried.

Each palette contained 13 gram of product so it could last you for long time. Both products are made in Canada, dont know if that information would be helplful but just mentioning incase you are curious.  Alright then, we are at the end of this post. Thank you for reading this up and till next time!


  1. The palette looks cute, Sofea will love them for sure, hee~

  2. cantiknya colour diaaa.tapi airah pernah try makeup mk.tak sesuai dgn kulit

  3. Sunlight tu nampak lawa and soft color dia..


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