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Very often when one thinks of BIRTH, first thought that comes up is PAIN!

This is true even for first time mums who haven't been through the birth process before. But what if I tell you there is a BETTER way to birth! Would you believe me? What if birth can be a beautiful experience? What if birth can be an awesome, empowering experience? What if giving birth feels SHIOK?!

Well, that is what some mums are saying after experiencing empowering, awesome births. No joke. See this exhilarating birth story here -

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method childbirth preparation class for quite some years now. Over and over again, I have mums thanked me after they gave birth and had a good experience. I refuse to take credits for their births and how well they went. THEY DID IT, not me. But the knowledge they acquired in class and the amount of preparation and practice they put in was the determining factor to their birth outcome.
Education about birth is very important but often neglected. With knowledge comes power - power to take charge of your birth - power to stand for the birth you want (literally standing is better than lying down to birth as you have the help of gravity) - power to ask questions and make decisions - power to ensure the best birth experience for your whole family (mother, father and baby)

Why do birth matters?

With that in mind, we are organising the Gentle Birth Bootcamp to educate as many families as possible.

Did you know that birth positions can make a lot of difference to a laboring mother's level of comfort?

It did for mine. I have 3 HypnoBirthing babies and I am very thankful for the knowledge I gained during HypnoBirthing classes. I remembered when I was lying on my back for 20 mins to do the mandatory fetal heartrate monitoring on admission, that was extremely painful for me. But the moment I was able to sit up, I felt so comfortable. So I make it a point to share about this to expectant parents in all our talks.

Did you know that you have the right to refuse vaginal examinations during labor or ever?

Vaginal exams are done routinely but really doesn't help a laboring mum at all. It does not predict how long more the labor would go and may cause a lot of discomfort or pain. It is possible to avoid or minimise vaginal exams and I feel it is very important to inform mums about this.

How can a birth companion help during labor?

During the birth position segment, we will also briefly touch on how birth companions can help. Dads love to be part of the birth process but are often reduced to being part of the wall flower, just trying to stay out of the way and not faint. During HypnoBirthing class, we teach dads what to do to care and support and encourage their wives. Dads are very empowered with the knowledge they gain from classes and go on to be very hands on fathers. Thats what I have observed about HypnoBirthing dads.

The Gentle Birth Bootcamp is a 3 hour sharing on positive birth. We want parents to leave the bootcamp feeling empowered and confident that a positive birth is possible.


- the importance of their birth experience,

- why go through great lengths to make it as gentle as possible,

- what is the impact of birth on the baby and success rate of breastfeeding (yes, your birth choices could affect breastfeeding)

- birth positions and how it can impact your comfort level during labor and birth

- how to prepare your birth plan and why that is important

- birth companion role

- HypnoBirthing and how it works

- infant massage and how it helps keep your baby happy

You can find more details here

Hope to see more parents there so more babies can enter this world gently. Because Birth Matters.

Guest Writer,

Bee Ting


About Baby With Bee

Baby With Bee is an independent antenatal education provider. We teach parents things that are not normally taught in typical hospital antenatal classes. We teach a childbirth technique called HypnoBirthing and other baby-centered classes like infant massage, breastfeeding and newborn care classes.

p/s: a BIG THANK YOU to Illy for allowing us to share this message of gentle birth on your awesome blog! It means a lot to us – gentle birth advocates. Thank you!

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Gentle Birth Book – A Guide to Birthing Peacefully





Illy’s note : Hope you enjoy this guest writer section. I believe it would be an informative piece for new parents out there!


  1. mg scary pun rs nk beranak ni kak, kalau x baca post kak ily ni mg abaikan je benda2 gini, take note la lepas ni.

  2. I've been to birth class before Ammaar's delivery but can't remember a thing during labour but it's a good information and exposure for the partner though ^_^


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