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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone,

Today I would like to write a review about our accomodation during our stay in Kuching, Sarawak recently. We decided to stay in Hilton Hotel because of its strategic location. It is just infront of the water front in the heart of the city. Almost all of the main attraction in Kuching is within walking distance from Hilton Hotel and it save us travelling cost. For our 5 days 3 nights we only need to make a rental car arrangement for 1 day only. Talking about car rental, If you would like to make a car booking I would recommend to contact  Hadif at +60138019883 Click His FB

If you check out our vlog you would understand the hassle we go trough in order to get a car rental, we are happy to get to know this company because his service is good and his rate is also very affordable for 1 day car rental of Alza (6 seaters) for only RM180 with no deposit needed as well. Car is in good condition, neat and clean. Dealing with him was a breeze and we are very happy to recommend him.

Anyway, back to the Hotel Review, we book a King Room and the booking were done few months back so we got quite a good deal. Do book in advance for a better rate and also to secure your room. I was in the impression that Hilton Hotel in Kuching would be under SPG (Starwoods Preffered Guest) loyalty program but nope. It is actually under Hilton honours. So, we didnt get to accomulate any points during the stay. Sweat! but its okay, we are already here anyway hahaha

There is another new hotel nearby which is the Pullman located in the same building of Hills Shopping Mall. We opt for Hilton because of its renowned standard of service and also because we had not very pleasant service experience at Pullman Putrajaya before. It is just personal prefferance.



Despite the building being very old, we noticed the lif button was from the 90’s but whole Hotel is well maintained. you might notice some mint condition expecially in the bathroom but it does not bother us at all. The bed was comfy, but I just wish the pillow were not as soft as my head end up sinking in it. However, if you are the type who love super soft pillow then you will love it.

The room setting is neat, pleasing to my eyes. The detailing and furniture is good. I like the fact that they provide a working table, with a netwrok cable near to it together with a charging port. It is very usefull if you needto catch up some work during your trip. It is also spacious, the aircond working great for a seasoned hotel, I have no complain for the facilities what so ever.



The room come with a bath tub, which is a total must for me LOL We do not have a bath tub at home so booking a hotel that come with one is a big deal from me hahaha.. Anyway, I am impressed that their amenities are not those generic hotel amenities but it is from Peter Thomas Roth. Saw them at Sephora the other day but didnt get the chance to try them out. Glad to be able to do so because of my stay at Hilton Kuching. I mean Peter Thomas Roth are known for their spa-themed range I really wish they could slot in the travel pack skincare or alteast the Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask. I know I am pushing my luck here, but dont you think it is a great sampling activities? You let us try in a travel size then if we love it, then surely we will get the full size to be used at home, right?



Just a pic of the kettle, some coffee sachet and tea. Owh yes, they also provide bathrobe, safety deposit, steam iron and a fridge. Bascially all the basic neccesities in a hotel room.


I like the digital clock there, I found them cute. Aside form the working area they also provide this chair if you need to just hang out checking your phone etc.


Since we brought Zandria our 4 months old second daughter this round. We requested a baby cot, it is sent to our room for no extra charges. Which is great. Zandria seems to love her bed. It comes with those cute cartoon designed pillow and blanket. My elder daughter sleep on the other side of the bed on the floor. We used our bed comforter, folded it like a small bed for her. We requested for a blanket and everything turn out fine. Each one of us have a good sleep. Peaceful solution! haha

We didnt go for the breakfast buffet because we wanted to try as much local meals while we are Sarawak, so we end up having brunch trought our stay in Sarawak. Which turn out to be a great idea. I cant wait to share with you the kind of meal we had and where, stay tune for the post soon k? In the mean time, do check out our vlog for a glimpse of our trip.



Thank you for reading this up, we are at the end of the post. Do leave your trail by leaving a comment down below. I would be very happy to visit back your site if you have one. Take care and till next time!

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  1. I haven't been to Kuching for more than 10 years.... I wonder how it looks like now, hee~


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