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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

The recent weekend, my family and I went to the parenting workshop by Now in Seasons which is hosted at Village Grocer at Tropicana Avenue. It was a fruitful event as we get the chance to learn more on how to get our children to eat for fruits and veggies. Moreover, we also get to mingle with other parents and their kids on top of learning new recipies. As promised in my insta and fb post earlier, I will be sharing some of the recipies that I learned from the event. Today it is going to be a super simple healthy breakfast idea. You can actually do few serving at one go and keep it in your fridge so you can enjoy it along the week. Sort of a meal prep. Like many mothers out there, time is my constrain but I still want to provide healthy meal for family. I find this recipe to be easy, healthy and yummy at the same time. Thanks to Indra who teached us the recipe during the event. Yeay!  

Before I get to that, allow me to share a glimpse of the event. Check out the pictures below.


The Mc of the day is Daphne Iking. It is my first time to meet her and family in person. We came in while others have already secured their seat. Basically no seat were left. I really dont mind standing but her husband, Azmi is kind enough to let us share a table with their family. Thanks!!



That is Indra, the lady I mentioned earlier. She is a professional dietitian and we are happy to be able to learn lots of good tips from her the other day.



I am glad that the organizer provide a colouring activities for little ones at the event. It is keeping them entertained while the parents trying to absorb the information shared.



Brought back a hamper of fruits and vege! All products are from non other that “Now in Season” Aussie produce. Currently, they are  having grapes and veggies. My husband and I made a good use of the hamper and did couple of meals. I’ll share more of the recipe in future blogpost.  Anyway, are you ready to check out the first recipe? Let’s hop into that right away!






Meal Prep Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • Couple of Glass container/ Jar with lid would be great
  • Grapes – Fresh, Healthy Premium Fruits from Now in Season Australia!!
  • Granola
  • Honey
  • Greek yoghurt

Steps :-

  1. Layer the ingredients as you like.
  2. Store them in a fridge.
  3. Can be enjoyed right away or keep for breakfast for couple of days.


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-16 at 12.51.39

Told ya, it is super easy!! Haha.. you can actually do meal prep with your kids. Getting them involved in the process will encourage them to eat it later. I actually love the idea very much. It makes my breakfast session more efficient as I get to also eat them in a car on my way to work. Nice bonding session with hubby as well. I get to share it with him while he drive. Talk about team work huh? haha

Okay, we are at the end of this post. I hope you find it inspiring or helpful somehow. If you would like to attend a food workshop there will be another session happening this Sunday at Jaya Grocer The Starling Mall at 2-3pm. The whole family are welcome. Check out the poster to find out more.


Till  next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, can definitely try it for Ammaar =)


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