Jaw dropping Digi Prepaid™ Plan! Only RM28 a month


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Wanted to share awesome news to you today, it is about Digi latest promotion for their Prepaid user. It is called the Digi Prepaid Plan. Brace yourself as it is going to be very tempting haha.. you know lah, I wont be sharing unless it is good stuff right?

Let’s just accept the fact that our life is revolved around the internet. Let it be communicating, learning, researching, up to entertainment we tend to be using the internet almost every day. Talking about learning, I really think that our way of learning has totally evolved due to the internet. There goes the time where we need to dig out info from magazine or library. Almost everything is available in digital version nowadays. From learning new recipes and up to learning on how to be a better parent, I have used the internet so much for it. I actually think that internet “helped” me in raising my kids LOL. Ya, because when I come into a situation that I never been into, I would go on the internet and research to get more ideas from others who have gone through it. Like how to teach kids to be polite and how to train my daughter for potty training just to name a few. 

Like many others out there, the internet also makes it easier for to navigate from one places to other thanks to the map apps. On top of that, most of my communication nowadays are relied heavily on my data stability on the internet because I received the most instant response like WhatsApp and messenger. Also, the amount of data has to be sufficient to cover all data need.  Personally, I can't imagine my life without the internet. It would be like breathing in mud. hahaha

illy digi

Well, there is GOOD News!! I found out that the new Digi Prepaid Plan is giving FREE FACEBOOK every month on top of  5GB HIGH SPEED INTERNET . Which mean the data that you used for Facebook will not be deducted from your data plan?? for only RM28 a month. Sayyy whattt?????????  ARE YOU SERIOUS? In fact yes, DIGI are totally serious about this.

It is such a great deal if you ask me. So, if you thinking about which plan to go for your connectivity, do keep in mind about this latest promo by Digi ok? For more info, you can always check out their website at website www.digi.my/clnlive

Thank you for reading this up, I hope you would find it informative and till next blogpost. Don't forget to take it easy and smile.


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