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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Regards to our recent trip to Sarawak, here is another post about one of the shop that we tried. This one make it to the review because we had Sarawak’s Local dish here. I believed it is worth writing for because they served yummy goodness!!

First off the location of the shop is super convinient for us. It is just within 5 mins walking distance from Hilton Kuching and the location is right infront of the water front. You can actually enjoy the view of the water front by hanging at James Brooke Cafe & Bistro. It also a nice place to come with family as the place have the indoor/outdoor feel to it. My daughter had a fun time chasing birds at the restaurant because of the landscape that have lots of flowers. Towards the other end but forgot to snap picture of it. You can check out more of the ambience by checking out our Trip to Kuching, Sarawak Vlog at the end of this post.

This place do not have air condition, if you are curious. However my family think it is okay as we came for breakfast and the weather is just nice on that day. If you are looking forward to chillax enjoy a nice view of the waterfront while having a hearty meal. Then you should totally check out this place.




As you can see from the menu, the price is above average compared to local rate, however the portion, taste and service justify the price. The target market for this sop mostlikely would be the tourist as they also serve western meal for those who missed the taste of home other that the local’s delicacies.


There a lots of things to feast your eyes at this shop. They have quite a number of decorative items that seems unique to me. One of it is this chess board that made out of wood. They also incorperate the Sarawak feel by having prints, vase and also fabric that infused with the native art. If you arelooking for a nice place to take a picture for your travel journal or log, then it would be a place to go.



Look at that delicious looking desset on display. Too bad we didnt try it out because we are quite full after our meal. They sure do look tempting!!



This is Sarawak’s Laksa. This meal is ordered by my husband, It contained mee hoon ( thin rice noodle) submerged in a rich gravy. The soup is not as spicy as it looks. It is actually very with lots of herb topped with scallion peanut and shredded chicken. Big portion, you can actually share it with your family. Like always, we tend to taste each other meal because we just cant help it LOL.



Meanwhile, I ordered a meal called “The Wild Borneo” I was intrigued by the name of the meal haha.. Just how I like it, with lots of veggies on top. It reduced the guilt over slurpping a coconut milk based soup haha.. This one came with the yellow coloured noodle “we tend to call them mee kuning” it have those fried onions, couple of fresh prawns and also a whole boiled egg cut into half. If only they have an outlet here back in KL. I wont mind coming over and over again for this meal.


We also ordered an english breakfast for our 3 year old daughter as we figured that she cant be sharing the other meals with us as it could be spicy for her taste palette. Not a bad idea, after all. She seems to be enjoying her meal very much. It is not very hard to please a 3 year old anyway.

We paid around RM90 in total for 3 meals including a coffee for my husband and evian for myself and my daughter. Like I mentioned earlier the price is slightly steep compared to local rate. You can actually have seafood dinner with the amount. However, the experience is priceless. The meal came in generous portion, the taste is great, service is excellent, ambience is pleasant and we cant find anything to complain about. We enjoyed our breakfast very much and were very full that we skipped lunch.

Hope you find this review helpful if you are looking for a place to eat in Kuching Sarawak. Till next time!


  1. Laksa Srwk always been my favourite, Mee Kolok too, yumssss =)

  2. looks gooood.tunggu rezeki jejak sarawak


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