All Girls Weekend Party!

My lovely friends and I decided to have an all girls weekend party :) We have been planning and for months. We held our girly event at Park Royal Service suite, which is located just beside the Istana Hotel.

Cant wait to share with all of you, how fun it was :) Sometime we do need to run from our normal routine and do something fun.. Just hang out play some games, pamper ourself and laugh out lungs out.

At the party we have balloons, beauty products (yippie!!), yummy food, nail polishes, ice cream, fondue !, and thanks to Party Hat for sponsoring us the party decor consist of

Party Deco Kit
- 1 Mini Bunting,
- 10 Gift Tags,
-10 Chocolate Labels and
- 10 Food Toppers

I've pick the Hello Kitty theme since our party is gonna be girly and stuff :)

Party Hat also provide Party Services such as Pizza Making, Princess Party, Cupcake Decorating Party, not just that they also provide Dessert Table Decoration and Personalize Party Printable :) 

Interested?  Kindly contact Party Hat at 380 5560

Quite big space for any private party :) They got 2 bed rooms + 1 working room, big living hall, kitchen, 2 bath rooms and all of the reasonable and electrical appliances such as Plasma TV (2 units) Iron board, hair dryer, microwave, big fridge, toaster, and they even provide washing machine and dryer :) 

Towards the evening, we decided to go swimming and chillax. Poi Yee, Praba and Me decided to swim..

YK and Linda just like dip their feet in the water and chatting up with us :)
Wei Hoong played her Ukulele and Coconut is taking her short course with Wei Hoong :)

Our yummy dinner :) Mostly cooked by Yee Kuan and Wei Hoong!!  We love you both :)

Our pampering session :) Coco'nut is our official manicurist for  the night :)  

Not just that, We also pampered our tummy.. Nyum! nyum!
Chocolate Fondue with yummy fruits and marshmallow.. 

After the pampering session and the yummy fondue, I am very sleepy.. I slept around 12.30 am plus plus and the girsl decided to watch movies, play twister and they even played with the helium balloons and make chipmunk sounds :P Luckily Wei Hoong recorded it all :)  

Coco sounded really 2 funny.. I have quite a challenging time trying to stop laughing when I saw the video :) haha They slept at 3am ++ and woke up at 8.30am the next day huhu :P

On Sunday, we went down for breakfast and then play the Uno Stako that PY brought over :)
Such a fun game! it is just nerve racking fun :P I lost count on how many times all of us screamed haha!

Really hoping that we could arrange more session in the future!! Love each one of you super very much! 

Hoping to get Katherine and Elle to join us next time around :) 

Sweet Memories :) 


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