Reminder note to myself

There is always pro and cons in life. Even in working environment. Just have to accept and adapt. Most important of all you have to be daring to take up risk.

Aim higher, go for what you want, try and try again until you achieved what you want because you deserved it. If you fall, bounce back up and stand up stronger!  Always remember to be humble all the way.

At the end of the day always try your best to help others in need. Try your best to contribute to community in any way possible. Little help is still a help the main thing is your intention.

Always be happy for others and treat those who are kind to you with greater kindness. If anyone step on your toes, give them some changes to work things out. If they step on your toes repeatedly, do something about it. Not impulsively but smartly. After all, we are a lady and we have class. 


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