Just Gorgeous Event by Guardian Malaysia - Thanks to Tammy from PlusSizeKitten & The Butterfly Project Group

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Guardian Malaysia and all the generous sponsors for hosting this event. Not forgetting, my "tai ka che" Tammy from Plus Size Kitten and fellow bloggers from Beauty Bloggers from The Butterfly Projects for the kind supports and giving me the opportunity to join this event :) 

The event start around 10 am and was held at Centre Court, One Utama

Guardian need no introduction in Malaysia  :) It is one of the most famous one stop pharmacy that provide endless varieties ranging from skin care,beauty products & health supplements.What I notice about Guardian is that, they continuously provide great bargain for their customers. Which I really appreciate haha!

Anyway, this Great Guardian Makeover is actually not something new. It have been held for the pass 6th continuous years! (How I wished I knew it earlier) There are great discount and of course makeover session. This year the partner for the makeover is the professional make up artist from 'A cut Above" academy which owned by Winnie Loo :) 

How to participate for the make over? Very affordable :) Whoever purchased RM30 from any Guardian store entitled to purchase RM10 ticket for the make over. This ticket come with goodie bag plus saving coupons worth RM80 and a photo of your new improved look will be taken by a professional photographer for you to bring home :) Good deal right?

Me along with the other bloggers as well as other media's participant were very lucky that we are given a test ride and participate with the makeover :) 

Allow me to introduce Ginger & Bryan :) Thank you for doing my make over.  (Tgh make up pun sibuk nak snap picture haha)

What I look like before the make over start :P 

Make up!! weee :P 

After the make over :) me, Wiida & Farah 
It was nice meeting you ladies again.. Wee! Hope to meet again during future event.
I also meet few other bloggers friend during the event. I bump into Chency, Sweesan, Mai Sarah and many more :)  Always nice to socialize n meet each other in person :)

How I wish I have a better camera and can snap picture with all the lovely ladies :) 

Quite a good deal they having, I spotted Avene Thermal Water having buy 1 free 2 plus another 2 free travel size. See the yellow Magnum Mascara there? Normal price RM 35++ I got it at  RM 17++ 

Go and check it out for yourself :) 

Refreshment session was held at Petite Millie Restaurant Thank you Guardian :) 

Each of of us was given an RM 50 cash voucher and I utilized it at Maybelline booth. By using the coupon I save  RM15 and grab the Magnum Mascara, Tattoo Eye Shadow and the BB Stick Cream.
The total cost goes up to RM 53.10 and since I have the voucher I only paid RM 3.10 

Oh my!! so happy :P 

Thats was not the end of it, Thank you so much to Guardian and all sponsors for being more generous that I would ever imagine. We did not go back home empty handed.. We bring back an awesome heavy paper bag full of goodies :)  

I am very excited to share with all of you what are inside the paper bag :) I am considering to make a review and share some of the products to everyone. Stay tune! 


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