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This is not a sponsored post. I purchase this with my own money.

I love nail buffer.. It gave your nail a nice clean n shinny n smooth texture :)
The only thing is kinda hard for me to get a reliable one. I have tried so many othet nail buffer since I am teenager. After my super long search..I found this nail polishing block by body shop :)
Been in love with this nail buffer since 6 years! Nail buffer tend to be worn out depending on your usage. I normally purchase a new one after around 3 - 6 months.

This nail buffer is very affordable for 6years there are no price increase.It only cost you rm19.90
Body shop also have the slim size nail buffer (shaped like a normal filer) which cost slightly cheaper.. I guess around rm12.90 or something.
I personally prefer this cube one because of the shape, easier to grab, plus it have larger surface for buffing.

What about you? What is your fav nail buffer?


  1. if you want a fast shine buffer, try mircoz. it blew my mind away when this sales girl came running at me and grabbed my hand. then she buff my nail and how i am surprise my nails are super shine in seconds! terus masuk kedai beli... hehe...

    1. wah.. nice! we try and grab it one day :) Thank for sharing babe :)

  2. thanks for your lovely sharing


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