WonderBox Apr 2013 - Review

Have you received your Wonderbox? I received mine today. Despite of all the huuu haa and abit of drama last month.. This month WonderBox have tried their best in winning back their customer's heart :)

So what are the products inside April 2013 version?? Check it out below. This months my Wonderbox parcel is abit bulky compared to previous months.. Y is that? well on top of the WonderBox the Prickly Pear products came in another box and it was attached on the top part like staging to the main box. I never come across these  range before and the pear name caught my attention :) I never tried Pear based products before and would love to give it a try. However I am currently doing my 10 days challenge with another brand and will only able to try out once I am done with that.

This month another Clinelle product were given.. Normally only small sample but this time around there is an improvement by giving out full size of face scrubs :) This scrubs contain Vitamin B3, Olive extract, Aloe Vera, vitamin E and peppermint.

Yeehaaaa! because they provide hair care range this time around and it a deluxe size of Loreal Liss Ultime Shampoo and mask :P Always love hair care because you can hardly go wrong and you can always n easily alternate hair care products compared to skin care.

Last but not least, TT Mask......................... Oh my so happy! If your read my earlier post I wast just talking about TT Mask this time around I got the Deep Sea Moisturizing Mask and being a mask freak.. I cant wait to try it! woot woot!

 As you can see above are all of the pamphlet vouchers/coupons and such. I haven't go trough it yet.. But with few glimpse earlier... I guess it is the TT Mask discount code and the free waxing service coupon by Strips. First time I saw Strips advertisement is at the Curve and it kinda caught my attention because it is cute hahaha.. But I didnt really get the chance to try out the service because I am kinda paranoid of the idea letting people to wax me.. since they can pull out the wax at anytime during the treatment and it kinda spook me out.. I prefer to wax on my own :P We will see... I will try once and see whether it will change my perception of getting people to for me haha

What do you think? for me this month's box is good in terms of products selection and size and this time around they include service as well. For me it is worth it.


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