Puma Suede Event - Thanks to Sabrina :)

I won the invitation to this event by entering a giveaway host by Sabrina, you can check out the blog post here . Thank you Sabrina for hosting it! 

The event was held at CapSquare around 8pm.

Picture of me and my hubby beside the super jumbo Puma shoe. 
I think my whole body can fit into that.. haha

During the registration I was given like a tag or bracelet, or what ever you call it.. haha you know la the  paper kinda bracelet for admission. There are 3 category if I am not mistaken, they have the blue one (the one me n my hubby got) then they got the VIP red one, and they also have the florescent one.

Since I have the blue tag, we are given 2 ticket for drinks redemption. I am like??? Got quota for coke meh???  each can only cost you RM 1.80 :P which we are not even given a can.. U might not listen to mumbling here... ape2 la..

But its ok.. just go with the flow.. Anyway me and my hubby was super hungry and the event only provide finger food like calamari rings and fries (which we are not entitled tooo because only those with florescent one could go into that area). So we decided to go out from the event for a moment to grab some food. We went the the restaurant just beside the venue and grab pizza :)

Then we decided to join the fun again since they are more crowd by 9pm plus...

The performance and rapping battle session. 

I met Chency  and she came with her super cute friend :)

Love meeting Chency as she is very sweet and friendly :)

This one of the main reason I love attending event, be able to meet blogger friends! I forgotten to snap a picture with Sabrina with my camera.. oh my... 

I also meet Chea Yee :) Nice chatting and snapping pictures with her! 
(but I dont have the copy, we taken the picture with her camera) haha

Well, I also meet few other winners by from Sabrina giveaway :)  It is always nice to make new friends 

My hubby, this time around can bring my hubby to join this event because each tickets won admit two pax. To be honest, the event was ok-ok  la.. so so.. maybe because I am turning old already.. didn't really enjoying rapping and stuff.  

The good thing is, I meet new friends and able to catch up with other fellow bloggers :) 


  1. I knew and felt this... Im so so sorry illy... I didnt expectcthey way they organize the event.. I also did not stay in the vip section as i feel strange inside. What excites me is only to meet my readers, didnt quite enjoy is as people start to smoke and go cray2... I stay just because of want to spend time with the others. Hope we can meet up soon again with a more calming event or just make our own. :) thank you for supporting me illy! Really appreciate it and really happy to meet you.

    1. Alamak babe.. no need to say sorry bukan salah you pun :)

      I am more than happy to support you!!

      n yup lets plan our own lepak2 session :P wee!

  2. Heheh... I guess the younger crowd enjoy it better, maybe?

    Its my first time attending the event, so didn't know what to expect either.
    But it was an eye opener.

    1. true.. yup I guess so :)

      But I would also help if the event organised better.I just found out that the guest need to purchase items more than RM200 for them to entitled for 2 entrance tickets.

      Luckily I did not goes into that group.. or else my disappointment level will b higher than this :P

  3. Heheh... I guess the younger crowd enjoy it better, maybe?

    Its my first time attending the event, so didn't know what to expect either.
    But it was an eye opener.

  4. thanks for your lovely sharing


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