KFC Spicy Korean Crunch - Really that good meh??

On my way to work last week, I heard this canggih2 super tempting advertisment about KFC "Spicy Korean Crush". The new flavour by KFC.. Ok.. maybe it is my own mistake easily influenced by marketing stuff.. But you see, after all this Gangnam stuff thing came out the whole world is obsess anything Korean haha.. actually I also love most of Korean mask and I am in love with my Samsung phone.. and of couse Samsung is from Korea :P Well let not talk more on that..  

My main point here is.. I went to KFC today for dinner and was so disappointed with KFC misleading marketing.. I am trying my best be positive here.. Even I pok pek pok pek also.. they will say.. owh the picture is just for illustration only :( what eva la.. I still felt cheated! 

Look at the picture above. That is what exactly shown at the KFC counter! I am not expecting the "Owh wow! so yummylicious felt like in Korea" kind of stuff.. But atleast a decent chicken la adoi! 

FYI : You can buy any of the family meal and add up RM0.20 per pcs if you want to upgrade to the Spicey Korean Crush chicken.. Lucky I didnt take the Korean set which will cost around rm15 if I am not mistaken..  and they will give you the mix vege and the wedges. I still prefer the coleslaw and the yummy whipped potatoes! Honestly.. sometime I just to go KFC because they have yummy whipped potatoes. 

This is what I got.. 
Basically it is just the like the normal version of the spicy chicken and got abit or few drips of korean sauce and sprinkle of sesame.. Out of 12 pcs of my chicken.. this is the only one that have generous amount of sesame on it..  only on the top side :(  

few drips of sauce on the drumstick..  

Tengok? the bottom part nothing at all :( Tipu orang... 

See this one? Does it look anything close to the one in the advertisement picture? 

The bottom part! again nothing at all......

Felt like kena tipu hidup2, have you tried it? May be the KFC I went does not provide a good qualilty control or something.. If you havent tried it, I hope the other KFC will provide you with better chicken than mine :)

Will I go again to grab the so called Spicy Korean Chicken? Sorry......... dont want to kena tipu again..
Really merajuk with them, misleading.. It will take sometime before I pujuk my heart to go there again. 


  1. haixx...eat KFC for so many years...
    they did make me feel disappointing some times :(

    1. ya.. sometime they do came out with good flavor like the crunchy one last time.. good effort on trying to be innovative. but to have this kind of misleading stuff really make me felt like kena tipu.

  2. if like that, better promote the korean source only.
    It really look like normal ayam goreng dip with source...

    1. not even dip.. i think it is more like sprinkled or "kedekut"ly or carefully "tuang" abit :(

  3. Replies
    1. you are very cute! hehe sorry for using bahasa pasar... pok pek pok pek is like nagging or complaining :P

    2. hahahhaha, very funny, my secondary school teacher used to say that too!

    3. their Tangy Zinger also nothing special what, add in thousand island sauce then they start to heboh and claim that it's new burger.

    4. hahahah :P she said pok pek pok pek too?

      yup.. the Tangy Zinger was overly exaggerated as well.

  4. yea, hahahah, i was like "girl school what, what do you expect." LOL

  5. actually ar, whatever flavour also doesn't matter cos i don't take the skin!

    people always O.o when they hear that. cos the crisp skin is what they come to kfc for!

  6. oohh.. tipu hidup2 hah?? the advertising look so tempting but never thought it will be something different than that.. is it pedas? macam pedas je...

  7. memang rasa kene tipu pun, sket je diorg letak sauce too, langsung x pedas...

  8. looking at ur photo, I'm craving for KFC now. lets go for dinner~


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