Cute Scented Eye Mask

I got mine from Daiso and it cost me only rm5 :)

Mine is pink in colour.. They few other design but I just taught that pink would be super cute. Plus this one come with a cute ribbon n super soft material for the inner part where it is facing your eyes. Best part of all it is scented..mine came with lavender scent and lavender is well know to be relaxing n such... Superb :p

Do you know that eye mask are design to keep all incoming light away from you eyes and this will help to induce pure darkness.

When you brain detect pure darkness... It will cause your body to produce melatonin (the sleeping chemical) and this will help you to have a calm n good sleep. Automatically help you to sleep better n ensure your body have enough rest :)

Do you wear an eye mask?  if you didnt yet.. No worries it is so affordable :) you can grab it anytime :)

I hope you have a good sleep n a sweet dream tonight!


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