I joined the Biggest Mask Review Party - TT Mask & Plus Size Kitten

First and foremost, I would like to thank The ButterflyProject and Timeless Truth Mask sponsoring this mask for review. All of this won’t happen without an awesome collaboration by our fav blogger Tammy from Plus SizeKitten.

This month we have 100 bloggers participating in the Biggest Giveaway by Plus Size Kitten. It is mask review party! But not the ordinary mask review party.. the twist? We do it at the comfort of our own home and it is the biggest virtual mask party yeay!!

I saw few other girls receiving it earlier and (where is mine??) I am still patiently waiting for my mask.. In my heart I really hoping that the courier guy didn’t enjoy my mask instead hahahaha… good news!! I received it.. I am very happy when I received my parcel/envelope :P Hooray!

I join 2 giveaway the first one is the Biggest Giveaway which is for the Cooling Mask and the other mask, I received it because I joined the Easter Giveaway n yup by Plus Size Kitten as well J   Arigato gazaimas!

Let me share a bit my experience with TT Mask, the first time I come across this Brand is when I received my Vanity Trove beauty box. Last time it was the Orchid Extract Mask and I turn out to like it because of the generous amount of essence and my skin do felt soft after the application. I was also inform that TT mask is the only skincare brand in Burj al-Arab (Tower of Arabs) . I never been to Dubai before but quite impressive right?

For fellow muslims no worries, as I went google’ing (if that is a word) and found out that TT Mask are Halal certified by Chinese Muslim Association of Taiwan and it have also registered with Minitry of Health in Malaysia. (Pheww!)

How is my experience? Well.. I like the cooling effect J I found it very refreshing & relaxing at the same time plus it got the mild minty scent.  

Will I repurchase? Yes! To be honest RM8 can be considered as pricey because I normally buy mask at slightly cheaper rate.. However considering that this mask live up to its promise and I got discount coupons.. without the discount I will still buy it because I like the cooling effect.. A perfect mask to bring for any island holiday.. Wee!

Check out this video to have more inside view of TT Mask products.Enjoy and happy Masking! 

 You can try it tooo! check out the TT Mask website and facebook  for more info. 


  1. yay! finally you got yours too! enjoy~ =D

    1. Dear Abigail :)

      Thank you so much! and thank you for your willingness n time to visit my blog :) I appreciate it :)

    2. Welcome Illy, will always do! ^^

  2. while relax, we become the beauty. so i love mask session very much ^^


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