Lilac Box - Leakage Situation (Excellent Damage Control & First Class Customer Service)

First of all even-though I am one of the appointed LilacBlogger, I purchase this second box with my own money. So I try my best to review from a customer point of view. 

Well, if anyone of you ladies subscribe the 2nd Lilac Box.. You do aware of the leakage situation right? Well, obviously not every ladies facing it.. some are very lucky to have their box arrived in a good condition :) 

Well, I am under those minority who are not so lucky. I received my box with leakage :( But to me it is still ok and bearable.. Of cos I did inform the 3 Guys form Lilac box. They have been very prompt in replying my email which I really appreciate. 

They are aware of the situation and did came out with an announcement in facebook regarding this. (Admitting 1 point) There they gave us around 3 days to hold and since they are collecting data and I guess they need to check back with the Brand company and so on (Proactive another 1 point). 

After brainstorming and checking out, they send us another email informing that each one of us who are effected will be credited with 30 Lilac Points (equivalent for 6 individual products review) At first I am ok la.. what to do, out of their control.. the items might have experience leakage due to weather (hot) and maybe the courier service not so careful while handling it or something. I like the fact that they understand all the ladies have been paying RM50 and receiving leaky box is not what they have expected. 

 Not just that.. they send one more (very long) email giving us 3 more options (see how nice they are? 1 more point added) whether we are okay with the 30 points given, or whether we want a new replacement box (they have keep around 16 extra box for internal purpose) or they will give you a coupon code that you can use to redeem Box 3 for free. 

 I didn't reply the email, since to me.. they have done their best and for me it is still bearable. So I decided to let other girls who might have far worse box situation than me to received the replacement box. 

 Guess what?? To my surprise, they send me an email and informing me that my replacement box was on the way.. (For free) haha at first I am like huh?? I didn't request for any also... Aiyaiyai.. then I emailed and was inform that it was given to me because I didn't reply for the compensation email. 

How sweet right? ( for this 1 million points added) Well, what a professional way to win a customers heart!  

Check out below for the pictures of the first and second box I received : 

To the 3 Guys from the Lilac Box. Thank you for being such a gentleman in handling our whining and feedback.


  1. wah this is what I call professional!!! luckily for me my box came in good condition. But I would love to receive another free box! hahaha

  2. wow great effort!!! but i would like to see more new item in their box!

    1. so far for this the box 1 and 2 there are no repetitive brand :) hopefully they will kepp up the good work :)

  3. Great customer service! Thumbs up!

  4. is not easy to find a good customer service. thumbs up for the team


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