Oblivion - Review

Thanks to Yukiko, I got ticket to watch Oblivion premier screening last night. It was held at GSC, One Utama around 9pm. I seat next to Yana, she is very friendly :P  When I was on the way trying to collect my ticket I bump into Chency n her friend again! haha! what a small world . she actually came for the Oblivion screening too but was held at TGV and its by Nuffnang :)

Anyway, Oblivion main cast is Tom Cruise (weee! even though he is quite aged, but he is still got those      aura *Wink*Wink*)  The storyline is a mixture of complicated + ok ok la.. + weird ending. Its about alien invasion + war with Human + clone.

But what I like about the movie is the effect and the probs used. If you like futuristic stuff you might like this movie. Thumbs up for the special effect. There is a part where its romantic and tragic as well.

I give this movie  3 stars. Since, the ending is quite flat.


  1. expected a lot from this movie but a bit disappointed though tom cruise kept a lot of effort in his acting and emotions it is still not upto his mark. Movie was very slow i wish Morgan freeman should have given much importance tha could make the difference. But the bottom line is this movie is watchable because of its stunning visuals ..... Go for it but it is strictly for Tom Cruise fans


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