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First and foremost, just like to inform that this is not a sponsored review. I purchase the beauty products below with my own money.

Anyway, I come across HiShop because it came out in my nuffnang advertiment side. So I went and check out, they supply quite interesting stuff for ladies. I believe worth sharing :)  

Below are the items I purchased, mostly mask! yup.. I am such a sucker for mask.. I believe most ladies are tooo... Total cost of RM54.30, If you went online shopping in Hishop, you will get free delivery if your total hit RM50 and above.. So instead of paying for the delivery charges, I decided to stock up more mask :) 

I just happen to know that you will also received 3 samples for any transaction. During the check out, you can pick which samples that you would like to received. Even tough it is just a free sample, I love the fact that that take into considerations of what you preferred to be included in :) 

As you can see I got 3 types of  Baviphat Woori Gokmul mask RM 5.90 each

Rice Bran
Rice bran extracts deliver moisture to skin, softening rough skin and brightening dull skin. An abundance of brightening factors will make skin beautiful.

Mung Beans
Mung bean extracts is known to supply moisture and nourishment to dry and flaccid skin while it removes dead skin cells revealing a soft and smooth skin. Mung beans are also famous as an aid in the recovery of skin cells, making skin smooth and diminishing skin troubles.

Nut Mask 
Acorn makes the skin more glowing and the inner pulp of chestnuts is effective in tightening pores. Highly concentrated essence mask contains various moisturizing factors such as betaine and shea butter to give you a smooth and moisturized skin.

With all the raving about snail mask, I decided to try it out myself :P  

Snail Street AC Trouble Mask (Snail Street) RM 16.90 each

This mask contain Snail Secretions Filtrate from the Helix Aspersa snail species as its active ingredient. Snail Secretion filtrate in this AC Trouble mask helps to soften and dissolve scarred, damaged tissues and rebuilt collagen & elastin. This mask is claimed to be ideal to heal acne problems.

Bio-multi action effects comes from the snail secretion and bio-engineered mask sheets which helps the essence to be absorbed by the skin effectively. It contains snail secretion extracts which helps troubled and acne skin.We will see how it goes. Hopefully it works.

Snail Street Make-Up Starter (Snail Street) RM 7.90

The packaging was all written in korean, but luckily there is soem decription on the shopping site, so it says that it is recommended to be just before applying makeup on your face.It will help to prepare your face for makeup application.

Snail Street Make-Up Starter uses uniquely designed cotton pads (pads have two different surfaces that clean the skin more effectively giving it a healthy appearance) infused with 86% Helix Aspersa Snail Secretion Filtrate, together with other special ingredients which act as a makeup primer, toner, serum & moisturizer. Since the Make-Up starter possesses the regenerative powers of Snail Secretion Filtrate, it claimed to rejuvenates your skin from within 

Other than that I also got the Bird Nest and Snail Mask (Touch in Sol) RM 5.90 each

Just in case you wanna check it out, you can go to their link at  They promised 7 days of delivery but to my surprise I ordered on the Apr 3 and got my products on the Apr 5. Quite neat right? It just take up 2 days for the items to be delivered.

Cant wait to try out the products!

Any yup, they also have like a reward program for blogger :) 
 Enjoy shopping ladies!


  1. OMG I love all your masks. I'm a mask junkie also :P

  2. the packaging look so cute. i shud try to consider this. perhaps after i settle down with my new office. thanks for sharing :) :)

    1. yup.. quite affordable :) and they deliver as well. I just taught it would be nice if they have more brands on board :)

      The current brand range slightly limited :)

  3. Replies
    1. Tq for the support Abigail :)

      I followed yours too!

  4. thanks for your lovely sharing


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