HiShop Beauty Ambassador & Beauty Kit Review

Thank you so much to HiShop for giving me an opportunity to be one of their Beauty Ambassador! 

When I first read the email, I am so happy and the picture above really represent what I felt at that time.. Then I found out that I am not the only one who just got selected to be beauty ambassador :P  Anyway, it is always best to have more since the more the merrier and we could support each other and share the happiness! 

As a beauty ambassador each one of use will be given with FREE Beauty Products to review each month (so nice!) and will be given with other perks as well... isnt that great? 

Last week I received my first Beauty KIt box which includes items as per below (so much love) 

Full Size Items 
  • Moisturizing Cactus Mist by Yadah - (RM 25.00) At first I was like.. huh? Cactus? Imaging the "cucuk" feeling.. and they want me to spray on my face? Oh my! But tak kenal maka tak cinta..  I tried it and like it because it give my face a refreshing feeling.. Just what I need to be kept in my office drawer. This will keep me fresh in the office :) 
  • Perfect Complexion Lip Tint #Crystal Cherry by Touch In Sol - (RM 25.90) I like this lip tint because it gave the sheer "natural" effect. Very mild colour, just like its name.. this one smelled like cherry. 

  • Vital Purity Lift Mask from Nature & Co 13.0g - Retailing at RM 88.90 for 140ml. I havent tried this product before. I received this earlier  (Havent got the chase to review yet n cant wait to try it!) 
  • Pure White Lotion Light & Pure White Milky Lotion Light from Nature & co as well both at 3ml each - Retialing at RM 58.90 each for 180ml. and yes I received this one before too..  just like the mask I havent tried it out yet :P 

Have you tried it? Is it good? Do share with me as I would love to know more :) 


  • Milk-A-deal 8% off
  • RM20 voucher off for my readers! You can redeemed it if you pruchase more than rm100 (so basically it is a 20% off)  Here is the Discount Code : HS0513 this voucher valid till May 31, 2013  Enjoy shopping girls!

For more details and update please visit www.hishop.my and like HiShop facebook at www.facebook.com/hishopmy 


  1. Congrats for being one of the Beauty Ambassador! That is awesome :)

    1. thank you so much Farisha :) yup it is awesome!

  2. Interested in the lip tint! :D

  3. you are awesome! they know you are one of the blogger who deserve for it ^^

  4. your reviews are always interesting, this is the reason.


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